Andrew Carl

is creating comics like Only Hope [a fantasy not entirely devoid of hope]

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You're just a good person helping out however you can. Thank you for your support. You'll see patron-only behind-the-scenes stuff like script bits, character designs, sketches, layouts, etc. And you'll get a big ol' thank you from me.

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I'll be posting some of the more raw/embarrassing/personal scripts, notes, and drafts for those who really earn it (through capitalism).



About Andrew Carl

I'm Andrew, and I make comics. I've edited an Eisner & Harvey-winner, written for an Ignatz-winner, done both for a (really great) series including a DiNKy-loser and a Harvey-loser, published a comic with the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and even spoke about one at the Library of Congress once. Lately I've been putting my all into writing, especially one book...

A hero's journey, kind of.
Good folks, to some degree, who may or may not consider themselves heroes, on journeys that probably won't end well. But does any journey end well, really? In the very end?

It's a really personal story about finding hope when and where there's no good goddamn reason to have any. Finding it, or rejecting it.

And there's a talking cat.

Here on Patreon I'll be sharing private previews and all of the behind-the-scenes stuff I can think of, from Winston Young's sketches and story pages in various forms, to script excerpts, to glimpses at the weird mental circles of hell that this and other stories spring out of.

Your pledges help me make these comics, pay artists, and perhaps get slightly more comfortable with the idea that hope is not a pointless delusion.

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