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"Humans are common and uninteresting."

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"The Engi respond to your signal. 'Your need: fuel. This unit's need: scrap. Exchange beneficial. Exchange permitted?'"

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"'We take your silence for interested contemplation.' They talk at length about peace and harmony, but either it's beyond your simple mind or it's all nonsense."

Have your name listed in the credits as a supporter, and I'll write a special haiku just for you! And for every episode that comes out! It might be about space, or exploring alien worlds, but you could also message me in anyway possible (include your email) if you have a specific topic in mind.
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After running into bad luck with the DMV, Andrew (lead writer and animator) was let go from his trucking job, but then he found the ancient files to a long-lost unfinished project, buried deep beneath a compulsive amount of subfolders within his computer. It was the first episode of FTL - Kestrel Adventures.

There had once been a dream to animate a team of Federation officers as they faced death to reunite the galaxy and meet awesome rock-men and robot aliens along the way. As the first episode was finished and uploaded, the sudden support from the online FTL community has been like a breath of fresh air. - If an overwhelmed rockman could cry he'd be crying.

Each episode still takes time though, a lot of time, and space Rome wasn't built in a space day, and space time is space money. Hopefully, with further support the show can continue strongly, recording sessions can be held more frequently, and opportunities can be opened for viewer involvement with the show. Heck, we'd also love to start a podcast as our characters, and hopefully, with support, the relentless tides of a randomly generated reality can be kept behind us as we jump beacon to beacon to face the Rebel Flagship.

Even without a single dime, the show will continue until it becomes too burdensome to do so.

Or until the Rebels are defeated.

Or until we're all murdered by giant alien spiders, in space.

All episodes will still be free on Youtube, and supporters will only pay when we provide results. (A.k.a when an episode is released.)

If you'd like to support, please join our Patreon. We've got a long way to go until Sector 9, and who knows what may come after that?....

- Andrew
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Have you ever noticed the secret Star Wars Easter Eggs in episode 2? Or seen what 20 plus different audio and video tracks in a single Sony Vegas file can do to a man? It's not a pretty sight, but we'll share it with you! Each episode will now also have a making of video, explaining the delicate dance between Photoshop, Audacity, and Sony Vegas. We'll explain some of our foley sound effects, as well as blow the lid on any missed Easter Eggs.
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