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  • Access to my quarterly Live Webinar to ask me any golfing question you like!

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About Andrew Cullen

The Book: "Why the hell would I want to play golf?"

Blasting out of the water the misconceptions that golf is an old man's, elitist hobby and presenting golf as the 'go to' sport for life, friendships, health, nature, challenge and fun!

I have played golf since I was 3 years old, and taught as well as played professionally for the past 30 years. I love this game!!! It has so much to offer: you can start at any age and play until any age; play in many varied and beautiful environments worldwide; it has physical and mental health benefits; you can play it alone or with friends and family; the club atmosphere opens doors to new friends, associates or like minded people; it's a challenging game and you can compete directly against players of all different levels through the handicapping system; and so much more.

However, participation worldwide is declining and golf sometimes gets a pretty bad rap with common misconceptions such as: it's elitist; only for old people; too hard to learn; too expensive; takes too much time; it's not a sport for modern times. It's FAKE NEWS!  I want to inform everyone that this is a fun, relevant and accessible sport for all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

I see and teach people who get so much out of this game everyday, most of whom wished they had taken golf up years earlier. My motivation to write this book is to woo non-golfers into golf, to let them hear what golfers get out of this great game and to argue that the misconceptions about golf are based mostly in folklore and have little present relevance. I want people to at least have a go and see for themselves what this great sport can offer.

Fun and Passionate Delivery

I strive to deliver tuition in a simple, professional and fun way. This is a challenging game and the "dry" way it is often taught is detrimental to a players enjoyment and progress. My teaching is based on sound biomechanics and allows for each individuals' natural body movement. My aim is always to get the most powerful, efficient and injury free swing attainable from each player, regardless of age or body characteristics. Also, I believe that having fun in the learning environment and on the golf course is paramount to benefiting fully from this sport.

My book will be backed up by social media infotainment videos (have a look at my YouTube channel: acgolf18), this Patreon membership platform with exclusive content including swing analysis video exchange, and a Training App to assist golfers in their practice sessions .

How Your Golf can improve through joining my Community

Joining my golf community will give you access to my Patreon video tuition library, 1:1 video exchange coaching, periodic golf gifts from my sponsors, a signed copy of my book on completion, exclusive Patreon Bonus videos and, for a select few, a full days coaching with me in South Germany. Furthermore, as the community grows, more will's an evolving thing!!

Your commitment to any of the tiers will be put directly into use to fund:
  • Photos session fees for the book
  • Cartoon creation for the book
  • Editing of the text (writing of the book is near completion)
  • Publication of the book
  • Equipment for infotainment videos: camera, tripod, microphone, editing package (currently using iPhone, iPhone Rode Mic, spider tripod and free editing app, which is limiting the quality of the videos)
  • Practice App development
  • Online Tuition and downloadable pdfs
  • My dream goal: my own Golf Series on NetFlix or similar

Ultimately, your active engagement here will potentially give thousands of people worldwide, young and old, of all ethnicities, from all backgrounds the opportunity and enthusiasm to take part in this life changing sport. Please watch my YouTube videos for a better understanding of my fresh and fun approach to teaching and promoting golf or follow me on Instagram - acgolf18 and/or Facebook -

Many thanks in advance from myself and everyone who goes on to whack the little white ball around the beautiful playing fields of the world.

Brief BIO: Andrew Cullen
  • Born in Edinburgh, Scotland 2.4.1965
  • PGA Professional at Golf Club Markgräflerland Kandern, Germany. Formerly Head Pro at Panmure GC (UK), Newquay GC (UK), Roserrow G & CC (UK), GC Limpachtal (Switzerland), GC Rheinfelden (Switzerland)
  • Coach to 5 County Champions and 2 International Players
  • Qualified Golf Physio Pro
  • Swiss PGA Senior Tour Player 
$194 of $500 per month
  • Photos session fees for the book
  • Cartoon creation for the book
Yes! I have a great photographer and cartoonist ready to go ahead with the work! The book completion is in sight!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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