is creating browser based games (M&F, Threads, etc.) and other PHP stuff!

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Money tight but still wanting to help out? I hope you believe me when I say I know that feeling. I'd make the price lower but Patreon won't let me. As with the higher tiers, you'll still get access to the private Discord chat, and  if there's any benefits I can give in future games to reward your generosity without unbalancing things you'll see that added here.
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Travelers get access to a private discord channel on the Lemuria Community Discord Server, as well as a free subscription to Might & Fealty. Any future games will also give a reward for travelers, if I can find some logical way to reward you for your generosity that won't break the game.
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  • Private Discord Chat
  • M&F Subscription


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Explorers get all Traveler benefits as well as early access to new updates or even new games, once they're ready for play-testing. This means you'll get to provide pre-release feedback on what does and doesn't work, and help me make the best things I can!
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About Andrew

Hey everyone, I'm Andrew Gwynn, primarily known for being the main developer/maintainer of Might & Fealty and I recently announced that I'm also working on my own game, Threads of Eternity. I'm also sometimes known to work on BattleMaster from time-to-time.

Might & Fealty is a military/political sandbox browser based game set in a persistent world, originally launched in 2014 and written using PHP and Symfony2, which I took over development and management of from Tom Vogt in August of 2017.

Threads of Eternity is my own game, currently in super early prototyping, which is designed as a role playing and survival browser-based sandbox, written using PHP and Symfony5. It's slowly evolving to be more a framework for game worlds than a game in itself.

BattleMaster, like Might & Fealty, was also created by Tom, but launched in 2001 and has been, over the years overhauled and updated a number of times, with current management and most development handled by Delvin Anaris and Vita. I help out with database stuff, as both M&F and BM implement Doctrine ORM, as well as the occasional random feature here and there.
I made this page so you wonderful people could help me make not only a better M&F a reality, but my own game a reality as well. Most of your contributions will go to pay the bills, but I'll likely pay some of them forward to other deserving projects and individuals (like the BM development team which needs some love).
$21.40 of $62.50 per month
With this we'll have paid for both Lemuria-chan and the main M&F server!

($50 for servers, $12.50 for backups)
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