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Andrew Snyder is an aspiring philosopher and theologian (with uncertainty that these terms can ever be properly descriptive) in Williamsburg, VA. He studied Philosophy at Old Dominion University, where he met the charming lady who would become his bride. He obtained a M.A. in Christian Thought at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and is now in the final stretch of a Ph.D. in Theology at Regent University with a dissertational focus on Kierkegaardian psychology.

Andrew has taught high school Religion & Philosophy courses for five years, as well as collegiate philosophy courses. Research interests include the intersections of philosophy, theology, and literature. He is currently blogging through Jordan Peterson's Maps of Meaning, as well as other topics of interest, and plans to provide more YouTube content and a podcast in the near future. You can keep up with his content by visiting and subscribing to his website here.

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