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  Without you, my art wouldn't exist! Therefor, it's only fitting that you should gain access to game play footage while the game is still being developed! That's not all! As a patron, you'll also be able to submit suggestions for ideas of monsters/other content for any games or assets I'm working on at the time and they will all be seriously considered. I don't want to create on my own.

  Let's make things together!

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  With this role, you're able to see game play footage, submit suggestions for ideas of new monsters/other content for any game/assets I'm working on at the time (I'll ONLY be taking suggestions from my patrons from now on).

  The thing that sets this tier apart from the supporter tier is that you'll also be granted access to exclusive lore as well as monthly email updates on new features and concepts that we are thinking of adding. If you're a nerd like me, I think this will be of interest to you as you will ALSO be able to submit ideas for lore. As a wizard, you will have a hand in not only what monsters,characters,environments etc are being created, but you'll also have a hand in the lore itself.

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About Andrew Parker

My name is Andrew Parker and I make pixel art with a focus on game development so I will be putting everything I make on the Unity asset store once they're done (with the exception of art made for the game I'm working on). I've been doing pixel art for about 5 years now and I love it! I'd definitely say it's my #1 passion. I can't imagine life without pixel art in it and I'd love to one day be able to do this as a job. I think the greatest part of life is being able to be creative. Without creativity, the world would be empty.
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When we reach 50 patrons, I'll make YouTube videos on making pixel art.
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