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is creating songs, sounds and stories.
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This is a Tier for all who just want to help support me and my musical endeavors (I'm always searching for cool sound gear)
As an added bonus you will have access to any lyric sheets I post on my page.

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For every 5 dollars pledged I will post a new video on my page of me playing a song.

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Riddler's Ridge is Andrew Polakow's second album.  It's a bizarre collection of songs.   Orchestral arrangements, Electronic soundscapes, ridiculous lyrics and a touch of sincerity.




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About Andrew Polakow

Hi, I'm Andrew.
I'm on a musical journey.  Many moons ago I embarked upon a quest to carve harmony out of dissonance.  In a world of chaos, music brings peace and I believe that it's my mortal duty to find new and unique ways to shake our universe with sound.  

People experiences music on a very personal level and being a good musician is routed in the ability to listen and react sympathetically.  It is my dream to reflect the experiences of our lives and bring joy to ourselves through sound and rhythm.

Please join me on my sonic search!

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