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Hey there 👋

I’m  Andy, a freelance web designer and consultant. I’ve worked on the web for 10 years and have been lucky enough to work with organisations such as Harley-Davidson, Vice, The NHS and Clearleft. You can check out my website and blog, here.

I care deeply about the web and fight hard to counter the relentless JavaScript framework coverage with helpful content about CSS, accessibility, progressive enhancement, vanilla JavaScript and Web Components. I understand that this means that I swim against the tide of modern front-end development and with your support, that swim could be a lot easier and pragmatic content about the web platform could reach more people—especially beginners.

I also run a weekly CSS newsletter called  Piccalilli which I love curating links for. In each issue I create a CSS pattern, trick or utility with a supporting explainer article so I can share stuff that helps me do my job well, day-to-day. With your support, this project could extend to something truly helpful to folks who have an interest in learning CSS.

My aim for this Patreon is to spend less time building stuff for clients and more time building stuff for the wider community. Some projects that I’d love to do with your support:

  • Transform Web Components Club into a canonical learning resource for Web Components 
  • Curate a Web Components newsletter
  • Produce in-depth tutorials about the whole process of web design, from concept, to delivery
  • Create material that helps people build lighter, more accessible front-ends that leverage the power of the web platform, rather than heavy duty frameworks.
  • Invest more into Dev Pal to turn it into something handy for beginner developers
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I can release at least one in-depth tutorial per month about CSS, progressive enhancement or Web Components.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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