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It all starts with you, and it's all held up on your shoulders. You are essential. You'll get to see my Patreon feed which will include little songs that aren't quite fit for YouTube, and you'll get shouted out at the end of each video.

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You are the spice and the feel; the rhythm and the blues.  You'll get to see videos a day early, stems of all my newly published songs and you'll get any sample packs I make for free.

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Extended structure
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You are complicated and special. Often the pinnacle of a story. You'll get an exclusive me-and-1-instrument live version of any song that isn't already in that format. Sometimes those versions are even better than the original!

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About Andy Chamberlain

I am always hungry for knowledge about music, and I hope that in sharing what I learn others may come to see the beauty of music, ever brighter. Join me for music and music theory that is fun, interesting, and often novel :)

Money donated to my Patreon will go for the time being towards two things primarily:
1. A new laptop/computer tailored for video editing and
2. A new editing software.

Currently I use a laptop which is very poor for video production and a free editing software. Improving on these will drastically increase my efficiency, and the new editing software will probably increase the quality of content as well.

I am currently studying computer science and philosophy at university, and hope to become an AI developer in the long term, but for the next few years it would be fantastic to make a living as a musician, and I think I have the offerings to make that reasonable.

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