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About Andy Didorosi

We're building a TESLA RALLY CAR and we want you to join the team. This is no normal race car project: we're throwing everything we've got at a proper fully electric Tesla Model 3 Performance rally car with all the trimmings. Big jumps, bigger slides, all awesome.

I'm Andy Didorosi. I'm from Detroit, Michigan. I used to be an automotive journalist at places like Jalopnik and Popular Mechanics, I've made lots of videos for Ken Block and I've been racing cars and motorcycles most of my natural life.

It's my opinion that EVs just won't catch on until we make them really really ridiculously cool and there's nothing sweeter than a rally car going flat out. So I put a team together to do just that.

We're using a different business model to make this dream happen: instead of relying on trying to bag one big sponsor we're going to work directly for YOU. We're going to work for you as our sponsor and make the kind of content you want to see: super sharp shredding in the Tesla, deep dive technical build videos, insights into building a proper racing team and all the bits in between. We're also putting an image from each of our Patreon sponsors on the car making a super cool wrap of whatever YOU want by a one-inch square at a time.

Nobody has ever literally pieced together a racing program like this before. We're not building this car just to look at it; we're going to take it to compete in some of the biggest and fastest rallies around the world. We've also got some special stunts in store that I think you'll like. We'll be filming things every step along the way and sharing it right here with you.

So let's do this!
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When we reach 250 patrons, we'll go straight to the Tesla dealership, buy a brand new Model 3 Performance, rip out the insides and start building a rally car. Live on camera.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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