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It is what it is! A quick little dollar each month thrown at the podcast to keep it all steaming ahead. Just a little feel good opportunity to contribute to what I do. 
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You don't need to, but you do it anyway!

Slinging $5 my way a month keeps fuelling the podcast machine which I continue to build. 

For your support I'll be offering exclusive Crazy Talk episodes that come out weekly. These have been publicly restricted from episode 223 onward. From that point on, they're yours only! I'll also aim to make these episodes more interactive, candid and collaborative with you all as we move forward. 
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You're now part of that inner circle I keep carrying on about!

1. Exclusive Crazy Talk episodes
2. I'll throw my inner circle into shout outs for each episode (both public and exclusive episodes).
3. I will post an OLD SCHOOL REAL LIFE MADE-OF-PAPER newsletter to your mailing address each month!* We get bugger all in the mail these days and it's always fun getting a letter from someone, so let's make it happen.

*Please remember that these are letters. It could take some time to receive them and they will not come with tracking. Rest assured, that I will be posting these regularly at the same time every month (most likely end of month). I will make these more 'ever-green' so that no one misses out on timely information when it eventually reaches your doorstep.




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Hey gang! Your mate Andy Dowling here from The Andy Social Podcast and LORD. I'm launching a Patreon for primarily for The Andy Social Podcast but possibly for other projects to give my inner circle of friends an easy opportunity to regularly support the show without much thought put into it. 

To begin with, we're keeping things really simple with only a few 'feel good' tiers. As we continue to grow, I'll look at adding other options/offers for those who are interested.

Why Patreon? It's familiar to a lot of people and it's a streamlined way to build some small financial support for what I do. It also gives me a platform and some clarity on how I can return the favour by offering exclusive content and tangible items so you feel more and more part of 'The Social'.

The Andy Social Podcast launched in August 2015 and to date over 220 episodes have been released with guests ranging from musicians, comedians, to people working in STEM, authors, writers, sporting legends and many more.

In 2020 we moved to a 2 episode a week format (Crazy Talk and Guest episodes) however with Patreon in place, I'll be moving Crazy Talk to Patreon exclusively for direct supporters and look to make these episodes more inclusive and interactive. 
$77 of $200 per month
When I reach $200 per month, I'll be increasing the podcast to two guest epiosdes per week. This will help cover the costs of creating, editing and hosting. 
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