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  • Download nearly all my builds (Java and Windows10) from 2019 and 2020. Includes my upgrades and kingdoms
  • Monthly newsletter which will include:
    • an inspiring feature build of the month.
    • what I am up to in real life,
    • what is coming up on my channel
    • Tips for YouTubers
  • JediKnight rank on my discord server
  • Access to my private JAVA minecraft server where you get the the JediKnight rank and 2 large plots to build in with world edit. I will come see what you make! There is also survival IP:
  • You can make medium builds and details in the city like apartments, houses and fast-food outlets. These builds really bring the city to life! 
  • Build with me in Livestreams
Includes Discord benefits

Jedi Master

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All of the $3 benefits plus:
  • Building tips if you build on my server
  • Schematic Pack Downloads
  • You can build large things for my City Building Live Series (e.g city block)
  • You can have 4 large flat plots with world edit. 
  • You can build with me in livestreams - I stream on nearly everyday - come and watch!
Includes Discord benefits


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All of the $3 and $5 benfits plus:

  • Skywalker rank on my private minecraft server
  • Skywalker rank gets you 8 plots on the plotworld, your own flat world if you want it and a whole normal world to share with other Skywalkers
  • ONE OFF: 3 high resolution skin renders with your choice of items held custom made by a graphics artist
  • Exclusive Discord chat room where I will give exclusive insights into my video making with screenshots of upcoming videos
  • I will discuss upcoming projects and videos and you will be able to give direct feedback.
  • 8 plots on the plotworld on my server
  • Please note that the discord ranks should be automatic but the server ranks will need to wait for me to get on
  • You will be able to add me as a friend on discord 
  • Get help with your builds
Includes Discord benefits




Welcome Builders! andyisyoda here!
I aim to work all day everyday to bring you great content in Minecraft Building.  I the pioneer of the 5x5 building system which lets beginners, intermediate and even advanced players plan out their builds in a way that allows for easy expansion, modification and alteration.  I build the ideas that you guys send me! Through Patreon we can build a building Minecraft Ideas and 5x5 building community!

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a service through which you can pledge a regular payment to one of your favourite content creators. This will support the creator and help them make more quality content – tailored to you.
I feel Patreon is a much better deal for the viewer and creator (than sponsorship or advertisement) as the creator does not need to take up some of your watching time with a product message.

How often will I end up paying?
You pay once per month. 

Why do you need the money?
Youtube is my main source of income along with being a Survival Instructor. So, I need the money to be able to have food and pay my internet bill for example. Even though I know how to live off bugs in the wild I prefer not to! I also continually reinvest in my recording equipment in order to keep improving the quality of my videos.

So, if you want to help me dedicate more time to videos then you might consider a Patreon pledge. Thanks for your time and don't forget:
May the Blocks be with You!


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