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Reward suggestion #1: Pic of the Week
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You will be contributing to and expanding the ripples of feelgood spreading through my projects, and, along with my grateful appreciation, you will also receive my sort-of-weekly Pic of the Week e-prezzies!

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... and coalescing all those photographs and words together in a tangible, take-home, plonk-on-the-couch, breathspace-eliciting, feelgood-evoking, coffee-table booktitled Life Light!

The Pic of the Week, my slightly erratic, sort-of-weekly photographic e-prezzie I've been sending out over the past 12 years, accompanied increasingly by succinct ideas and insights, has not only grown in itself, I've grown through it too... and, from the inspiring and motivating feedback I receive, it's contributed to others' personal growth as well.

I love that I've been able to share this gift in its ephemeral digital form, spreading ripples in a very real and positive way through people's days... and now I'm ready to answer the calls I've received to make it available in the more enduring and tactile form of a coffee table book.

On walks through the forest, swims under waves and sits on the couch, in conversations with friends and from middle-night waking-thoughts, Life Light has revealed its form and function to me: I have a pile of sticky notes, various notebooks, odd scraps of paper and the inevitable collection of notepad apps filled with digital scribblings now ready to be transcribed and refined, each brief piece mated with its own quintessential photograph from my growing collection.

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