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  • General Support
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  • Fan requests
  • Three (3) - instead of just two - FREE CDs from Andy’s album library - signed and mailed from his very own local post office!




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About Andy Offutt Irwin

Dear Friend and Fan ~

Welcome to my Patreon page.

Let me explain how I got here.

On March 12, 2020, I was in Silver Spring, Maryland working with my friends Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer. We were writing Marcy’s one-woman play, “All Wigged Out.”

That’s when everything changed for us all – this era of the COVID-19 quarantine began to happen real fast. Yup, you may remember; you were alive at the time. That very week, Cathy and Marcy canceled a trip to Italy. I canceled my trip to Japan.

Dropping me off at the airport Cathy said, “Go, Andy, get thee home and build thee a Patreon page! Now, Godspeed!” (If you know Cathy, you know this is a paraphrase.)

Right, I know. It has taken me two months.

Most of you know me as a touring storyteller. A lot of you know me as a kids’ entertainer and teaching artist. Others, a singer/songwriter. Still others, a theatre director and an actor. And if I don’t include this, somebody will call me on it: I am a professional whistler.

All of these jobs have required me to show up somewhere. I have always been in the social gathering business. But, alas, here we are in a time of social distancing. During this pandemic, I have done a few posts, readings, and stories from my porch. Thrice now, I have joined my fellow storytellers to bring you on-line festivals. I am scheduled to do more of these.

I have some other schemes in my head I am giddy to explore. And while I certainly miss the road, now is the time for me to make a living from my home. And this is when one should carpe that dadgum diem with projects I haven’t had the time – and haven’t been stationary enough – to jump into.
•  •  •
On April 22 something remarkable happened. My eighty-five-year-old, newly-minted-physician aunt, Dr. Marguerite Van Camp, asked me to let her post something on my Facebook page. I told her I would be happy to help her set up her own page. She informed me that she doesn’t have time to fool with such things. I opened my laptop, slathered it with a Purell wipe, and left it out on my patio table. She arrived, moseyed into my back yard, and began to type.

After she wrote what she wrote, 224 people reacted to it, 24 people shared it. There were 116 comments; much of the thread of those comments consisted of people asking advice from Aunt Marguerite. And people requested more opportunities to ask advice from Marguerite Van Camp, M.D.* (See below, because this is the asterisk I was talking about in the video. From that video, you will note the pathetic truth: I do not know how to pronounce the word, “asterisk!”)

So, for members of my Patreon Community, one of the vlogs (video logs) will be a show called, “Ask Dr. Marguerite.”*
You send in the questions, and my son Liam will ask them to his great aunt. That is going to be crazy-fun!

Another vlog-gy show will be called:
“Armchair Anthropologist:
Andy’s Interviews With People Who Aren’t Famous,
But You Should Know Anyway.”

These are fascinating people with whom I have worked – writers, teachers, artists, arts administrators, people in service, and people in the faith trenches. All of these folks who are doing behind-the-scenes work to make the world a better place. No kidding. Whenever possible, the interviewee and I will be in the same place – at a reasonable physical distance apart, of course. And a lot of those interviews will happen out-of-doors. My favorite teachers have always answered “yes” to the question: “Can we have class outside?”.

These are some of the reasons I am beginning this Patreon community. You get to literally be a patron of the arts. In exchange for being on my “board of directors,” I pledge to continue providing content and premiums that will make you happy you have joined us.

We will be building this as we go. I will be telling you stories from my porch. I will be reading writings and essays to you. And if you have an idea, pester me!

It is my deepest desire that we will all get to meet again in person on the road, soon! But, in the meantime, as long as you have to shelter in place,
you might as well have a little of me in your shelter.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for your consideration. Usually, at this point, I am wont to say, “I am a grateful vagabond.” But now, it is true for me to say, I am a grateful stay-at-home-pop to my stay-at-home-college student.”

I am raising my coffee mug to all of us.


Thank you ~ Andy

*Here’s that all-important asterisk footnote: Marguerite Van Camp, M.D. is a fictional character. I’m not saying she doesn’t know everything, but when you ask her medical advice, keep that in mind.
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