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hello potential future patron,

Welcome to the patreon page of Andy Ristaino.  I am a cartoonist currently working in the animation industry.  You might familiar with my work on comics like Night of the Living Vidiots and The Babysitter but it's more likely you've seen my work as a character designer and storyboarder on Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time.

After almost 8 years of giving all I’ve got to Adventure Time, I’m ready to dig back into working on my own personal projects.

SO, that’s why I’m starting this patreon.  I plan on using patreon’s deadline system as a way to continually carve out more time to focus on work that is 100% fulfilling to me, and hopefully, fulfilling to viewers.

I produce instructional drawing videos, comics of all types, and keep a healthy sketchbook habit.  I also happen to LOVE sharing all the stuff I create with anyone who is interested.   I've been keeping blogs since the early 2000's, I have a youtube channel that I update twice a week, and I also posts regularly on instagram and twitter.  Doing this patreon is not going to change any of that.

Well, it might in one way.  The more successful the patreon is the more time I can spend focusing on making things to share.  Eventually, funding more elaborate dream projects like making toys and children books.

My eventual goal is to try to make my own things full time.  I know it’s going to be a long road to getting there, but the more financially viable this patreon is the closer i will be to that goal!

I'm looking for people who enjoy the things I make and share. People who want to give back and support my artistic endeavors.

So please take a look at the rewards to the right of the patreon description, and if you find one that you like, consider contributing for as little and for as long as you want.  Your money will go to buying better equipment, paper, pens, and buying a meal every once in a while.

THANK YOU very much for your time, and if you do end up contributing to my patreon, i'm am honored that you consider supporting my work to be worth your hard earned cash!

Andy Ristaino

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