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We appreciate you being a part of the team of people contributing in A New Way! What you gift in Patreon really does make a difference. Because of your monthly donation you will see more value coming to A New Way with Noah! Thank you for being generous and giving us a helping hand so that we can give you a helping hand!




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About Noah Hanson

Hello! My name is Noah Hanson and I am the creator and thankful recipient of your donation to A New Way. The donations will all go directly towards A New Way and the many wonderful people that it reaches. Any amount that you decide to donate will go towards bringing you all new ideas, podcasts, videos, connections, and insights. There is a post you can find by scrolling down on this Patreon page naming more specific items and goals that your donations will also be helping to manifest! We have a ton more on the way, including a studio broadcasting and cafe storefront in the works for 2020. We always strive to bring you more and reach even larger amounts of people! That is why we always urge you to become a Patreon for A New Way. There will be many opportunities for us to help each other discover the many gifts that we all have, and then share that valuable gift of who we are with the community. I am beyond excited about where this moment is taking us! This website will allow everyone visiting to exemplify a source of positive information in other people's lives! Every cent that you donate will go toward positive changes in the community, in other people's lives, and in our own lives.

P.S.  A New Way will give to the lives of more than just people who visit our website, we will be donating to some great charities once we have more income than we need flowing in. Thank you new Patreons! Your contribution matters!
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When I have your financial support in getting my messages out there, I know that I have the knowledge base and skill to be a successful YouTuber and podcaster. I will need all the time and resources I can get to allow the production quality increase. I know the stability of this goal will allow me to put all my time and energy towards what really matters! Fewer ads and increasing sound and video quality = more ability to truly make an impact on people's lives!
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