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About angband live is an online gaming site boasting one of the friendliest, most welcoming communities on the modern internet. A text-based gaming platform built to serve the angband community, with more than a dozen variants of the venerable game, frequented by the developers of the actively maintained variants. We have been online more than two years and have achieved a stable, reliable platform. But there is much more still to do! Some goals for site development are listed below:

  • A wiki covering monster/item data for all hosted variants with user comments and articles
  • an irc server acting as a mirror for the onsite chat
  • angband ladder integration
  • install multiple versions of major variants to select between
  • ability to play games and spectate from a terminal via ssh

And it doesn't stop there! It would be quite possible to develop an offline universal angband client capable of downloading and playing any of the variants on the site, and then broadcasting the terminal output from offline play, or to play online via the client. Support for basic graphics is another goal, by intelligently transforming terminal output into drawing instructions. Like an angband-specific version of noteye (Necklace of The Eye, a graphical frontend used by ADoM and PWMangband amongst others) written to be compatible with

Besides this, developing and integrating a datafile editor for supported variants, with the possibility of sharing and playing the modified games by any user is entirely feasible. Angband has effectively been doing this for decades, but we could build it into comprehensive online platform.

Supporting this patreon will help encourage and sustain these efforts. There are no 'rewards' besides an optional username decoration on the site - Angband is a game for everybody.

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