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 Hello everyone~

Some of you might remember that a few years ago I had an account here in which I shared glimpses of my cosplay and modeling projects for a short period of time.
A little bit after that my family and I got the news that one of my dogs had Addison disease, so I changed the dynamic here to make it a "donation only" site and focus on other jobs in order to help with all her healthcare treatments more efficiently.
(If you're curious, she's been dealing with medicines, injections, special food and other things every day since then, but she's a very happy and grateful dog!) 
All the support I got from my patrons back then was insanely helpful! But I decided to close that account because it felt weird to have it there without doing anything.

A lot of things changed after that. I left Costa Rica and moved to the States to find new opportunities and share my art to new and different people. My mom is now taking care of all the doggos in CR (we have 4!) and I send as much support as I can every month with the commissions I make here in the US.

I'm growing SO MUCH as an artist, as a woman and a dreamer; my perspective on life changed drastically through the last 3 years and I'm feeling more committed and excited about the things I can achieve! I genuinely never took art seriously before, it was a mere hobby and I didn't imagine to make a living out from my painting. But now, sh*t just got real.
I'm so ready and extremely excited for all the projects ahead and the goals I put to myself and I want to share all these with you!

So for now (and yes, I guess the following is the information needed for this section lol, sorry if I got too personal up there! 😅)
I'll use this platform to grow and learn much more, I'll share all my projects, photos, artworks, tips, videos and processes with all of you! We will have a closer relationship here, we will chat, exchange opinions and more. We will basically HAVE FUN! 💖

So thank you for coming, reading, and being part of this little "Potato Club" (we actually need to put a real name to it 😆) so let's see how it goes, and WELCOME!

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