Angela Cook is creating art

Punished by the Punslinger

$1 /mo
I will write you a horrible pun on the topic of your choice every month you are a patron. Amuse and horrify your friends!

Hired a Poet and I Know It

$10 /mo
I'll email you a short original poem on a topic of your choice each month. You may share the work in any format you wish but you agree to never claim it as your own work or I have the right to file...

Epicly Edited

$20 /mo
Send me a short piece of your own writing and I will edit for grammar and offer suggestions on content! Homework help is an acceptable request but I won't do homework FOR you!

Collaboration Comrade

$50 /mo
Discuss any personal creative project with me and I will give you critique and feedback! I won't do your homework for you, though. That would be cheating.