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Hello everyone, and welcome to my Patreon! My name is Angela, I'm a self taught seamstress and designer currently living in NY. I primarily create historical costumes, and tend to favor elaborate or challenging projects. The more ruffles the better, at least in my eyes!

I've been sewing for a little over five years now, and sharing my process online for just as long. So you might be familiar with my blogyoutube videos, or instagram!

My most "popular" content, by far, are the videos I make. Which consist of tutorials, making of videos, or vlogs showing my process. I really like making videos, but over the past few years I've become painfully aware that it isn't the best, or most profitable way for me to spend my time.

Recently youtubes algorithm, and adsense rates have really declined. And it's made wonder whether I should continue make videos at all. Or if I can, considering how much money they lose.

But, it is something I enjoy doing. And it is something I would like to continue doing, and I think there are people out there who would like to see me continue, too. Which is why I've created a patreon!  

I've held off on doing this for a long time, since I wanted to make sure I could commit to regularly scheduled content and perks. And right now, I feel confident that I can. 

The perks will include lot's of exclusive casual content posted on a more regular basis than you'll see on my youtube channel. Along with early access to videos, credits in videos, prints, swatch cards...and maybe some small patterns and livestreams in the future. 

I recently came up with a new series for my channel, which lends itself well to more frequent uploads, and gives me the opportunity to film lots of bonus content for anyone kind enough to support me here! 

This series is called "Sewing through the Decades" and consists of me following original vintage patterns, and sharing the whole (sometimes frustrating) process with all of you. I'm really excited about this series, since it fulfills a lot of my most common video requests (vintage inspired projects, and more wearable pieces), as well as my own interests.

Regardless of what happens on patreon, each month I'll follow *at least* one pattern from a different decade of the 20th century. 

However, if this is profitable, I would love to speed that timeline up and take on lots of bonus projects, which aren't necessarily a good representation of the decade they come from, but would be so much fun to make!

Most of the patterns I have bought are casual, or workwear in style, since those were the most affordable to buy and this has been mostly self funded. But if this is successful, I could expand this series and follow evening dress patterns, or wedding dresses, or coats, or pajamas!

Or take it into a different century, and sew my way through the 1800s...or through a vintage catalog. Or one of Norah Waugh's books (imagine making a corset from every period, every month)! 

(All in addition to other types of content, like vlogs, costume spotlights,  and tutorials)

I'm really excited about this, and where this could go, but expanding this would require making enough to cover material costs, and enough beyond that to justify the hours that go into constructing them (and filming the process). 

In fact that is the case for pretty much all the video content on my channel. I really need another form of revenue to continue justifying the time it takes to film and edit the videos I put out. I'm hoping patreon can provide that...but if it doesn't then at least I can say I tried! 

Thanks for reading, and contributing if you choose to do so! I really appreciate it :)

100% complete
*will add more intermediate goals soon* 

This would show me there is enough interest in this series to continue it beyond the "Sewing through the Decades" series! While still following the format of posting monthly within a certain theme.

I could take on more eleborate patterns from the 20th century, or make my own designs from every decade in the 17th/18th/19th century. Or take on patron submitted projects every month!

If the interest and funding to pursue this is there, the options are endless!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 144 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 144 exclusive posts

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