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A big thank you for taking an interest in my work!  All supporters will be named in the end credits of completed games and receive access to the exclusive Bakery chat channel on my Discord server where you can hang out with the other supporters (cakes).

** Please be aware that my Patreon charges upfront. This means that when you sign up to a pledge tier you will be chaged the tier amount immediately, and then be charged on the 1st of every month thereafter. If you're considering pledging near the end of the month, you may want to wait until the 2nd of next month to avoid being overcharged. **
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Shortcakes receive the cupcake benefits and also get to see occasional pre-production previews of artwork for my games.

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Cheesecakes get all the benefits of the previous tiers, plus regular early access releases of my games in advance of the monthly builds released to the general public.
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About Angela DeMille

Hello! I'm Angela DeMille, and I'm looking to turn my long-held love of visual novels into a part-time creative endeavour. While I'm confident I can make a functioning and enjoyable visual novel on a limited budget, any funding I do get from my supporters will be invested into making a higher quality product. Please check out my current work in progress at the links below and if you think it has promise, consider pledging! I'm grateful for any support ^^

Penlight (Current Release - 10th July 2021)

The public release of Penlight linked below is free to download and play!

PC (Windows & Linux)

Next public release - 14th August 2021

With the
end of his high school career approaching, Kyou Koyama is a friendless and troubled young man. However, having recently taken on a new interest, he supposes he can salvage his relationships with his classmates using the power of suggestion. With the help of a modified penlight of his own design, he sets out the change his world, one class rep at a time...

is a visual novel set in a high-school with a heavy emphasis on mental conditioning. While still in development, the current release is fully playable from start to finish with over a dozen possible endings. It should be noted that all characters featured in the game are in their senior year of high school and are over 18 years of age.

Content warning: Occasional nudity, bad language, sexual themes, ethical ickyness

I have marked this game with an NSFW flag, although to be honest I do not expect the content to merit more than a PEGI 16/ ESRB M were it rated. Still, viewer discretion is advised.

Current Plans

I will be releasing a new playable release of my game free to all on the second Saturday of each month, with an accompanying update post outlining any progress made. Any supporters pledging at least $5 per month will receive new work-in-progress releases and update posts every two to three weeks (first and third weekends of each month), and will always receive new content up to four weeks before everyone else.

Any funding pledged will be re-invested into the project to pay for commissioned artwork and audio. But regardless of any pledges I get I will see this project through and there will be complete, fully-playable releases for everyone!

Contact The Author

Want to talk more about Penlight or anything else? Either message me here on Patreon, find me on Twitter, or join my Discord!
$842.20 of $850 per month
Okay, if my donations ever get this high I'm gonna have to seriously consider making this my main career ^.^ That means I'd be taking money to support myself in service to devoting even more time writing and producing great visual novels for you all!
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