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$1 /mo
Congrats, you are officially a patron!  Along with my eternal gratitude you will also be part of a monthly feature on my tumblr - contact me with either your twitter, tumblr, facebook, instagram et...

$5 /mo
Now, along with a monthly feature you will have access to all behind the scenes WIP shots, updates, pages etc. etc. whatever I'm working on you will know and see it first!

$10 /mo
As well as the previous two tiers, at $10/month you will be entered into a monthly draw for a free sketch of your choosing.  If you win, your name is removed from the draw for two months and then r...

$20 /mo
At this tier, along with all previous rewards you will have exclusive access to a monthly Q&A livestream draw, you'll be able to ask questions, watch me work and just hang out!

$50 /mo
Once a month you can pick any of my 5X7 prints and I will ship it out to you anywhere in the world!  Along with all the above!