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Greetings Patreon!

Welcome to my little corner here. If you are looking to become a proud supporter of innovative creative projects that acknowledges your support and allows you to have insight and feel included, I am your artist. I work in a variety of creative fields; music, design, acting, writing, media and art.
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A-list of Patreon projects

1. Making a new music album. I have not had the time to create any music for many years and my musical nerve feels extremely understimulated.  In the past I have created six albums: Bebelina's Blessings, Edit Post, March of the Elementals, Bad Hibernation, Sad Compilation and The Missing Piece. You can listen to the music on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud and YouTube. On Soundcloud there are also newer material. I have ideas about how my new music will sound, but am also ready to be surprised by inspiration. I never create with an intention to be commercial, only to be innovative and to inspire. 

2. Creating a new art exhibition. As I have been a visual artist for my entire life I have had many art exhibitions, but lately the internet has become my main gallery. This is a bit sad, because so much of the art experience is lost online and so much is gained when you stand face to face with an original artwork. Ideas about where this exhibition should be and when, and possible concepts to develop is something I am willing to discuss, the field is currently open. 

3. Writing another book. I have written one book called Epic Suffering: The Horror and I am eager to write a follow-up or possibly something entirely different, like pure science fiction. As I mainly write scientific articles and do research in media, communication and environmental communication and management I have a creative longing to write fiction. As a patreon to this project you would have your name mentioned in the book, possibly even get a character. 

4. Renovating a farmhouse that is to become an artistic sanctuary not for me and other creative people can book a stay for themselves and create in solitude and silence.  Join me on my journey to create this sanctuary away from the noise in the city for artists who require solitude and a connection with nature. The place is already existing and is special because of the small ecosystem with a variety of birds, wild boars, elks, rabbits,  apple trees, pear trees, cherry tree, rose hip and blue berry bushes. To preserve the ecosystem for the life already living there is as important to renovate the living space for humans. However, the three existing buildings on the premises are from the late 1800's are in need of careful renovation. 

Best regards

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