Angels by Noemi is creating OOAK Art Dolls

Your kind Donation is Appreciated!

$1 /mo
  • I'm trying to earn some extra money to pay for School loan next year... my dream will finally become true!!
  • Thank you very much for believing in my Art and supporting me as Independ...

Basic Rewards

$5 /mo
Here you'll have the change to:

- Get 25 min short videos of Tutorials and Classes.

- At least 2 to 3 videos per month.

- Exclusive work in progress pics.

- Access to private posts and give aways!

All About Art Dolls

$10 /mo
  • In this tier, you'll learn all about making Art Dolls, especially Female characters, Fairies and Mini Babies.
  • Access to at least 2 Video Classes per month and Always will be avail...

All About Ball Jointed Dolls

$10 /mo
  • Here I'll guide you through the process of making your own Ball Jointed Doll (polymer or paper clay)
  • In the future, as you advance and your project is about to be complete, I'll b...

Fantasy Characters and Mixed Media

$10 /mo

Here is if you are interested is something different such as fantasy creatures, animals, surreal beings and so on. 

  • Polymer Clay and Mixed Media technics. 
  • Basic Mold ...

Full Access: Art Dolls, BJDs and Creatures

$25 /mo
Here you'll access to all of the above classes Doll making, Ball Jointed Dolls and fantasy characters.
  • Access to at least 4 Video Classes per month and Always will be available to watch.