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An exclusive new track - this is not a remix. These tracks push the boundaries of awesomeness! 

Delivered roughly once a month.

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A video/blipvert that deals with more personal subjects - not just "how-to-make-art", but also how to use art to help you get through day-to-day life. I want to inspire you to make your art happen.

Delivered at the same time as the New Track - roughly once a month.

Includes Discord benefits


All of the above plus a $13 voucher for Angelspit's merch store. If you don't use it before the next delivery, the they will build up.

Also, you become part of Angelspit's research team - your thoughts and opinions will shape the direction of future songs and Blipvert/videos.

You will also get your name in the video credits as a THANK YOU!

Drops at the same time as the New Track and Video/Blipvert - roughly once a month.

Includes Discord benefits




THANK YOU for your support! You keep Angelspit going!
UPDATE: I have removed the Live Jam Session - As this will now be offered FOR FREE!

My name is Karl, my friends call me Zoog, My band is Angelspit, and we bring rock, DIY and inspiration to promote your killer productive electro-punk-rock glamour life style. As well as iconic music for you to rock-out to.
Angelspit has been a bold contributor to the industrial/dark electro movement for over 10 years. We have encouraged and built a strong community thought music, DIY culture, lifestyle and design - all with a high fashion aesthetic.
We work full time - if we're not on the road, we're writing new material. We sacrifice a lot of stability to consistently release highly produced awesomeness for like-minded you.
We rely on your support. You are the active visionaries of this counter culture. You are the face of the modern punk rock era.
If you are a long time supporter - since Krankhaus or Blood Death Ivory, or if you found us recently through our work with Ministry, KMFDM, SNOG, Twiztid or Auralnauts - now is your time to get onboard and rock with us.
Join our Patreon. Be a part of the creative process, give production feed-back, inspire our work and lyrics.
We're aiming at delivering once per month. It costs the same as a coffee, so if you have the time and means, grab a coffee and get in with angelspit during the songwriting process. Chill with us in the studio- we'll let you see what we are doing and what we are creating with the money you pledge.

Have you ever wanted to see What Angelspit does before the public gets to see our finished performance? Wonder what your favorite song sounded like before it was finished? Jump into our world and get a band-member like glimpse into the mind of Angelspit!
Be one of the core people who we rely on to keep us going and inspire our lyrics with your influence and story!
You are charged per delivery - so if you miss a month, you don't get charged.
All money invested in this patron goes back into Angelspit, which goes to making more awesome content for you.
Thank you for keeping our mayhem on the road!
* All tracks from this PATREON will be made commercially available 3 months after they are launched here.
62% complete
I will cover a track (in the key of MAYHEM). Evil, Dark, Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush...seriously, that song is evil...
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