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Do you want to see more miniatures in 12th scale?  Why not set me a challenge? I can't promise I'll accept yours... but If I do, you'll get one of whatever  I make.  No big challenges on this one please.  All historic posts and discounts as above.

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About Angie Scarr

Who is Angie Scarr?

(See my intro video here )
Bear with me while I'm in the process of updating this page to reflect where I'm currently at which, like most creatives' experience, is constantly evolving. Patreon has been a really important tool and support for me while I pulled my business back together after my own personal crisis 4+ years ago and I really appreciate every single patron's trust, faith,support and interest. My mission is to give that support back in many ways. Not just to my patrons but to all creative people who need a little help to make something better...or to make a living from their craft.

I've been a polymer clay miniaturist and teacher for 30 years with a good handful of books. My first book which I started writing 20 years ago and which was first published in 2001 is one of Guild of Master Craftsman Publications best sellers and is STILL selling and has recently been re-designed and re-published for a new generation.  Plus a lot of videos (now published and publishing on YouTube) I've traveled the world, visiting Japan Australia and America as well as most European countries including Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany Switzerland Germany, Netherlands, Belgium France and Italy, And of course The UK and Spain where I now live.  Teaching a couple of generations of artists, many of whom are now well known in their own right. And I'm so proud of having inspired them in their early explorations of their art. What I really am is a passionate inventor-creator who comes up with daft ideas and tries them out.  I make  all the mistakes so you don’t have to and  try to inspire people to live better, happier, more creative lives by proving to people that acquiring creative talent is just step-by step fun, and not a painful learning process. I'm also a writer! I can say that now because I not only have a large handful of craft books out but have produced my Dad's memoir and my own Making It Small. Recently I published Your Creative Business. in two formats. A colour small format book and a larger cheaper "starving artist" edition. I'm working on a follow up to that book and my second book under the pseudonym Littleoldladywho. My first book The Frugalist is just starting to be recognised. Another post-Patreon project that I completed with the help and support of my Patrons is my The Dollhouse Flower Shop.  I've also got some children's stories waiting to be illustrated. Your patronage gives me space to continue inventing and sharing creative ideas. With early access often given exclusively to Patrons to show my appreciation.

Process shot - Mackerel cane 

Why are you using Patreon?

These new subscription services are an easy way to connect teachers with their students and followers, and as a way for them to receive (sometimes personalised) perks such as early access to videos and little samples of work to help you visualise stages of work and qualities of colour. As well as advance knowledge of really new ideas before they ever get to publication. For benefit patrons I'm also able to  send out little found 'things' which might inspire you or my new tools before they go into  full production.
Well I'm now pretty old to be playing in such a young seeming playground it might seem, but I've always been up for a challenge! A few years ago  I  had a life threatening cancer and realised from that experience that artists often just don't have any back-up when the worst happens. Patreon can  also be a way of getting through the problem of uneven income when you are  older and less healthy. For me It means I can give more to you now I am well,  and the income stream is smoothed out for those times when I'm not. Also some of my friends and fans have been helped along the way by me and so  for some of my subscribers its a way for them to help me in return,  for others its a way for me to continue to support their creative journey.

Updates to old designs.
As I refine designs and methods which may have previously been published in a simpler form, I want to be able to keep you updated with the new methods to make your work, if realistic, more realistic, if quirky even quirkier! I’ll mention you on the newer videos, answer your questions and send some personalised notes and collectable beads that have a dual purpose. To show you how something is made (colours and stages of work) and just to be a pretty wearable collectable. 

 Patreon helps me, because of your support through Patreon, I will be able to continue working full-time helping and inspiring people like you. I'm going to be giving you bite -sized masterclasses in the things that make your work stand out from the rest. In the case of miniature colour work make your pieces not just real. But super-real. Help you avoid the mistakes (all of which I've made) that can cost time material and frustration. People will start not just telling you your polymer clay work is nice but that it's amazing! I'll also give you loads of other hints and tips about buying your materials,  promoting and selling your work and other life hacks for the creative person who wants to reach another level whether you just want to sell a few pieces or you want to travel the world selling and teaching like I have and many of my students have after me. Your patronage will help me put more time into producing more tutorials and miniatures books as well as video classes and finish my other writing projects. I'll be able to increase my time teaching and sharing, rather than having to spend too much time making 'stock' just to keep the wolf from the door.

Fish board in 12th scale- Polymer clay caning & powder colours.

How much do I pledge?

You get to choose the level of support you would like to give, based on how much you can afford, or  how much you feel I’m helping you. Or in some cases how much you value how I may have inspired you in the past or am inspiring another generation. And of course (as an extra incentive), the perks you would like to receive. You will get charged on the first day of each month after you pledge.

What happens after I become a Patron?

You will receive a message with directions on how to join a Secret Facebook group and links/directions to any other rewards or bonuses you've signed up for.  I'm happy if you start small. On the other hand you may want to get in on the early samples too! Please make sure you fill in the address field to make sure I can get your parcels to you. 

But can I stop my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your pledge at any time. If money is tight, Or you decide it’s not for you or you want to help another member out for a while instead, please feel more than free to opt out. It should never feel like a financial burden. And if you want to come back later. I’ll be very happy to see you again. It will not make any difference to our friendship either way!

And can I still watch your youtube videos for free?

Of course. Please do not feel obliged to be a patron. This is only for people who want to support and/or receive exclusive rewards. Of course if you do decide to become a patron at whatever level you are able, I’ll be extra happy The live classes on my Facebook patrons only group will be just for Patrons. Well, there has to be something just for you!

What else should I know?

I want to hear about you. What you’re doing. What you want to be doing. What problems you need help solving. What are your anxieties, what holds you back? How I can help you as an individual.  What you want to see me show in my videos etc? Where you would like me to come to teach?Whether you prefer to be taught in a group or one to one. Side by side or at a distance (remotely).

The Paypal payment page at first seemed  a little strange as it seems to be asking you to pay by card.   Buried deep in the next page in the legalese it says :- "I understand this lets me check out faster by not having to log in to PayPal to complete my purchase. I understand that if I have a PayPal balance, that balance will be used first and that if my preferred payment method is expired or declined, PayPal will charge my backup payment method."    I don't like this so much and found it a bit off-putting myself and will tell Patreon so. Meanwhile, please don't let it put you off.   It's just the Paypal method Patreon has to use I think in order for it to be considered a monthly payment. 

Mon Klint Denmark. Polymer clay 'painting'. 
77 of 200 patrons
When I have 200 patrons I will produce at least one new tutorial for youtube  per month  and will attempt to do more in different scales and will not monetize so that ( I believe) adverts won't be added or will be very minor.   I will be able to remove monetisation ads from some of the other videos each month. I will start to give free places on my live classes for those who can't usually access them for reasons of income. The number of places depends on the level of my income from Patreon but will be notified here. You should be a patron to apply but you can apply for a friend who is not a patron.  I also need a new Large Pasta machine as the old one has simply worn out so the cost of this new piece of equipment is within my first goal.
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