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You are a patron of my art. Thank-you! For this tier, you will have access to my patron only activity feed where I share photos and video updates of my songwriting journey (along with other random stuff), and where we can chat! You will also receive a download of each new original song once recorded (exclusive pre-production versions available only on Patreon!).
  • Exclusive download of each new original song 
  • Access to patron only activity feed
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You clearly want to give me some extra encouragement to keep doing what I do, and this warms my heart. Allow me to serenade you (or make you cry as I do tend to love dark, sad songs) with an acoustic cover song each month, recorded on video at my cute little music studio (or where ever I happen to be). You will also receive all previous incentives as well as a handwritten copy of the lyrics for each new original song (digital scan).
  • Monthly Serenade Session (acoustic cover)
  • Exclusive download of each new original song + lyrics
  • Patron only activity feed
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Pure awesomeness!! Let's talk! I want to know your thoughts...You will receive all previous incentives, plus get in on some important decision making by getting access to special voting sessions that will help me choose which cover songs I will perform on Patreon and even decide on which original song ideas I should pursue first. 
  • Access to voting sessions 
  • Monthly Serenade Session (acoustic cover)
  • Exclusive download of each new original song + lyrics
  • Patron only activity feed



About Angie Arsenault

Bonjour! Welcome to my most recent art experiment and residency!

Firs of all, I want to thank all of my patrons who are here with me. Your support means so much more than I could possibly express in words. You ROCK! ...and I am grateful.

I’m an indie artist, singer-songwriter, vocal coach, music producer, dream-catcher, and all-round silly (and sometimes strange) girl. Crowdfunding has become such a key factor in my life as an artist over the years that it only makes sense that I land here, on Patreon. This is a place where people can show their support and help sustain the creative process by becoming an official patron of my art. This helps me in many ways to move forward and make time to create more music to share with my followers, and in the process, stay connected with my followers and offer different perks to show my appreciation.    

My goal: write and record a new collection of songs for my next album (2019)! The style will be heavier than my previous solo albums... so things could get interesting! Along the way, I'd like to share my process with you, chat, serenade you with some acoustic cover songs, ... and offer a few surprises here and there.

Have a peek at my tiers rewards (on the right), as there all kinds of things happening in this Underground of mine... Any contribution will help this artist in the making of her art. <3 

If you are not a patron of mine, I thank you for your consideration. Give me a shout if you have any questions - I'd be more than happy to chat!

Once again to my patrons, I see you, and I am grateful. As an artist, it means so much to be able to express an idea, a message, a piece of music or video, and have the kindness and generosity of others who say "I hear you". Thanks for taking this journey with me! 

- Angie xx

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Note: If at some point you can no longer continue the monthly payments, no worries, you can cancel at any time; no hard feelings. ;)
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If I reach 50 patrons, I will celebrate by inviting a special guest musician to join me in my next monthly cover song video! 
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