Angie Marie is creating Art, Photography, and Video

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Any support is appreciated! At this level, you'll have access to my regularly-updated Patreon blog.

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  • Patreon-Exclusive Photography Sets

As both the model and the photographer

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  • Access to My Snapchat

           See behind the scenes of shoots and lots of naked selfies!

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  • Access to Personal Collection of Modeling Photos
    • Instead of endlessly browsing through Tumblr, gain access to my personal Dropbox folder of every photo I poss...

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  • Signed Instax
  • Access to Video Work As I Finish It
  • Postcard

I love sending snail-mail! Patrons at this...


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  • Access to My Erotic Photography Dropbox Folder
  • Monthly-Live Chat
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  • Custom Gallery
    • 20-35 Photo set with a concept of your choosing. Model can be me or a surprise guest.
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  • Custom Instax Set
    • 10 one-of-a-kind Instax shots of a theme of your choosing sent to you.
  • 12x19 Print
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  • Access to Erotic Content
    • It's a poorly kept secret that I, on occasion, have shot erotic content both as a model and a photographer. As a model, this has always ...

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  • Mystery Gift
    • One-of-a-kind prints, art, t-shirts, used pairs of panties, who knows what I'll throw in here, hence the "mystery." In all seriousness, you'll g...