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Unlock exclusive content and join my community of patrons. Thank you!
  • Access to a feed of patron-only content secret drawings from The Angie Journals

  • Poems, ramblings and writings 

  • Sneak Peeks at works in progress

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Why am I here?
I am beginning this journey on Patreon as a new way to connect to my fans as well as find new ones to share my visions with and start a community with. The web is becoming more and more difficult to navigate to find and nurture your audience without having to battle algorithms, filter bubbles and paying money to be seen with little to no benefit to either party. I feel like the Patreon model sounds so much more healthy and sustainable for both artist and patron.Through this platform I can provide exclusive patron only content such as drawings, work in progress videos and photos as well as different discount options for my Angie Mason Art Shop depending on the tier you choose. I look forward to nurturing and building this creative path with you and hope you will join me!

A bit about me and my work...
Hi there! I am Angie Mason an artist who loves using drawing, painting and sculpting as a means to tell my stories and bring my characters to life. I have been creating for pretty much my entire life but decided to get serious about it around 17 when I began my studies at the Summer Arts Institute which later led me to art school at Parsons School Of Design in NYC where I studied both fine art and Illustration.
I have over 20 years of art making behind me and an extensive body of work which has centered on a visual examination of life through a twisted fun and sometimes frightening lens creating my own character narratives weaving together a fairy tale all my own. I have had the great fortune of being able showcase many of my artworks over the years in both solo and group exhibitions at museums and galleries throughout the United States as well as internationally. In addition I have also had my artwork published in several well received art books such as the Low Brow Tarot and Edgy Cute.
I often visually explore the darkness and light we face in life through the creation of character narrative works. So much of life is both so tragic yet so full of comedy, I really like this balance of opposites at play and try to incorporate that feeling into my work and characters. Primarily I present the work as paintings and drawings but also work with a wide range of mediums to create alternate visions such as dolls, sculptures, poems,video, custom jewelry and wearable art. As a visual person constantly examining ideas, having a wide scope of all visual angles allows for greater discovery and growth within myself and the work.
Dream yourself awake! <3
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