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Hey everyone!
So If you've made it this far, that means you're thinking about becoming one of my patrons and I must congratulate you on your sound judgment! Jokes aside, thank you so much for checking out my Patreon page and I hope you do in fact decide to support me. I’ve been lurking around the leftist sphere for quite a while now and I decided to join the conversation because I believe it needs to be expanded into different areas of the human experience that often go ignored. I also believe that introducing anti-capitalist and anti-racist ideas into different areas helps create a more subversive culture. A lot of the anti capitalist spaces on the internet are also dominated by white faces and I think it’s important to integrate the black experience into this conversation. Abstract philosophical concepts and lofty ideas don’t serve us in our everyday lives if they are confined to the halls of academia. I want to try my best to bring abstract ideas down to earth and show people the everyday value within them. I hope you decide to accompany me on this journey so we can grow together and get to know each other along the way.
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My long term goal is to increase the quality and variety of the content I release on the channel, including short films,  more in-depth video essays and frequent podcasts, exploring the esoteric, fringe areas of leftist thought. To do this I'll need all the support I can get. Thank you!
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