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My eternal love and gratitude for starters.  Your support means the world to me and I wouldn't be able to do what I do to the extent that I'm able without you.  

Random appreciation posts featuring selfies, photoshoot teasers or costume announcements. 

Additionally, all Patrons now get access to an exclusive Discord server where we can stay in touch easily and play games together!  Join the community at

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Access to my exclusive Patron blog where I announce upcoming costumes and projects, post progress on costumes, share exclusive photos and ask for your input on what I'm working on!  

This type of material is ONLY available here as I don't publicly announce any costumes or projects until they are 100% complete.  You are the only ones who get an advance and up-close view of what I'm working on.

This tier also receives all above tier rewards.

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Invitation to Family Movie Night.

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About Angi Viper

Cosplay has changed my life in more ways than I knew possible. It gave me the push to lose weight when I was 200 pounds, knocked me out of my comfort zone and introduced me to the best friends I've ever had and gave me the motivation to get a job when I was unemployed and struggling to survive.

Since I rejoined the cosplay community  in 2012 after a few year hiatus, I've made two fan films and over 50 costumes as well as performed in multiple cosplay musicals, created costumes for others and opened my own costume commission business. I enjoy challenging myself and seeing how far I can push my skills to create new and exciting content.

I've learned a lot since I started cosplaying, and now it's time for the next step.  I'd like to start building more complex designs and working more with props, armor and wigs. I'd also love to film more tutorials, convention coverage and other behind the scenes.

I'm looking for support from Patrons because so much of my monthly budget goes into bills and rent that everything else is forced to fall to the side. With your help I can invest more time into recording and editing videos, start working with more advanced materials like Worbla and maybe even travel outside of SoCal for conventions!

Your help allows me to give back to you in ways I've always wanted but can't due to my financial and time limitations.

The thing I love most about cosplay is the community. I love interacting with people and sharing ideas with fellow creators. I don't know how to tell you all how much you mean to me but every encouraging word helps push me forward to becoming a better cosplayer and performer. Any support that you can offer means the world to me so don't feel bad if you can't give much. Believe me, I understand and even $1 can go a long way.

To everyone who does decide to become a Patron; thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Being able to bring some of my favorite characters to life through cosplay, photo and video makes me happier than anything in the world ever has and I feel so blessed to have people who want to help me grow and see more of my work. To everyone who can't; remember a Follow, Like or Share on my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch or Youtube is a way to show me your support and every new follower means more motivation for me to keep being my best.
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I will record a cover of a random fandom song of your choosing JUST FOR YOU PATRONS!
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