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About Anglophilia

Do you love British television?
Do you have strong feelings about female representation, Lucky Charms, and Mr. Bean's sex appeal?
Does she weigh the same as a duck?

We're Kaley and Steff, and we host Anglophilia: the podcast that celebrates the wonders of British television through the eyes of two American birds. We laugh. We debate. We wonder why no one has made a decent porn version of Red Dwarf. No, we're NSFW, but yes, our moms still listen. 

In the spirit of some of our favorite British shows, we release six episodes per season. In order to continue bringing you the best content we can (and keep our breaks between seasons as short and sweet as possible), we're asking for your support to help us keep this party going. If you dig our show, please consider donating.

Thanks for your support!
Kaley & Steff

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