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About Angry Black Hoemo

Who is you?

My name is Marq (he/him/his), but I'm most well-known throughout the interwebs as Angry Black Hoemo. As a blogger and social critic, I've been self-producing and publishing written work for over 3 years, primarily via my personal website and blog, but also via social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. I've gained a large following over the last few years due, in large part, to the very straightforward and unabashed style in which I present myself and my thoughts. I'm also known as someone who very intentionally works to center more marginalized communities and experiences in my work, as well as speaking from my own honest observations and experiences. This affords a unique overall perspective that tends to be enlightening for many of the people who've followed me.

Offline, I'm active in the local organizing community in Chicago, as well as the Black LGBTQ and Leather/Fetish communities (all experiences that also add a lot to my overall perspective as a writer). I also work as an I/T developer in my day-to-day.

Why should I be giving you money?

One thing I've been told from many people is how my content and analysis brings value to them and their lives by adding clarity on various issues that they'd previously not been able to make sense of, or not be able to articulate as clearly. And a lot of people also just appreciate the sex-affirming space I create via my social media presence. Most everything that I publish online is content that I've put a lot of time and labor into researching, thinking through and developing my own kind of language around. That's a great deal of mental labor, which has been shown to provide value to people, which warrants some level of compensation. Also, in this gentrification age, rent isn't getting any cheaper, so I'm looking to Patreon as one option to use my skills as a writer and creator to supplement my income.

OK, cool, whatever...but what do EYE get out of becoming a Patron?

Fair question...and probably the most important one. What sets Patreon apart from my free platforms is that this will be where I give my more in-depth analysis, and on a more consistent basis. And my analysis won't be just written, but also via audio, and occasionally video. This is also an interactive space where I'll be dedicating most of myself to my most loyal supporters and peers. If there are topics you want to see covered by me, by virtue of being a financial supporter, this is the place where you'll get the most traction for that topic getting covered.

Obviously, free time and mental capacity fluctuates, because human...but I'm committing myself to at least 2 podcast episodes every week, and at least 1 written essay per month. But know that, unless there are truly extenuating circumstances (which I'll always be transparent about), this will be the bare minimum in a given month. I'm also planning on holding my popular #AskTheHoemo Q&A sessions from Instagram on this platform, depending on demand.

While there will be some work that I'll end up publishing on my free platforms down the line (mainly if there's just particular analysis that, via your feedback, I find adds a particularly high value...also, to attract more Patrons), everything published here will either be content that you get first priority for accessing, or will be for your eyes only indefinitely. I want to ensure that, by you showing that you value my work and analysis enough to want to support me financially, that you get the best and most thoughtful content I have to offer.

Being able to monetize my work and at least supplement my income with it is something I've long wanted to do with my platform, and I greatly appreciate any of you who are willing to help make that happen. Let's build a great community together!

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