Brian is creating Eye-candy videos, awesome artwork, and much merriment!

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You'll have access to exclusive behind-the-scenes game content first, as it becomes available. May include concept art, animation, level sneak-peeks and other previews.
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Squire privileges, plus exclusive free desktop backgrounds / digital art each month.
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Squire and Knight privileges, plus voting rights on what desktop backgrounds / digital art will be produced next.
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Squire, Knight, and Lord or Lady privileges, plus your name will be listed on the "in-game" credits.
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In addition to all prior rank privileges, you will be listed as a "producer" in the game credits and you will receive a code for a free copy of the game when it is completed. As well as our undying thanks and gratitude.
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Are you seriously looking at this level of support? Wow! And Thanks! Time to pull out all the stops!

In addition to all the prior rank's privileges, your photo will be featured somewhere in the game.
The photo you provide (non-nude, non-copyrighted) will be displayed in a frame on the wall somewhere in the game.
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