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        About Angry Grunge Cat

        Obligatory disclaimer: None of the opinions presented in the entries or comments made using this handle should be even remotely construed as representative of my employer. My words are my own; I do not claim to speak for anyone not myself. Any persons mentioned resembling real persons should be considered at best fictional and at worst chimerical constructions based upon several different people.

        This is a work of fiction. Only the gods and Maryland are real.

        Spirit work can be a rewarding and life altering experience. It can, under safe guidance and the right circumstances, unlocks doors inside the mind and the heart; it can also unlock doors with in real world just as well.

        So when Konstantine makes her apostasy from Christianity and converts over to Paganism. Her life changes for the better. She isn't exactly straight and she's not sure she really wants to be a girl. Kon also loves the idea of magick and solving her own problems with witchcraft. So it was so easy to make that choice. With her best -and only friend- Morgana encouraging her and helping her along the way. She finds herself. And with Morgana's help Konstantine discovers her spirit guide and astral twin brother, Garrett.

        And the trio have the best summer of their lives. Yet, school soon starts once again. The trials and troubles of being a teenager - accidentally trigger Konstantine and Morgana into seeking aid from something that dwells behind the veil.

        Manipulation and abuse comes in many forms, the key is learning from the past in order to defend and protect yourself against those that seek out to cause you harm. Be mindful. If it's too good to be true, it probably is.

        Join our unlikely heroes on their adventures through the suburban woodlands of Maryland. As they make wishes and cast spells and ask spirits for something more, something better. A chosen home and a chosen family, safe from the world that does not accept them as they are. And with enough wishing an spell casting, something-- someone does eventually break through the veil and ends up on their side of the divide. Will it break them, or will it save them?  Who's the hero they're looking for and who's the deceiver?

        What You Get:

        Art updates, large scans of the stuff I create- often things I don't share elsewhere. Chapters of  rough drafts of the on-going story. Pay what you want once a month you will get access to everything. I don't have locked tiers, everyone sees the same thing as everyone else.

        Amazing, yes?

        I also share scans of my pours- which I sell on Etsy, if you'd like to buy them out right with out dealing with Etsy, just send me a message at [email protected]

        other places:
        Society 6

        About the Author: KC Nichols grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and regrets to inform his readers that he will never share more than that because he feels it is all that is necessary to explain himself.
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        By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 75 exclusive posts

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