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is creating Emergency Rescue and Rehabilitation of Foxes

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Profit margins on the clothing is really low so this donation contributes to helping me free up time to create more designs, help animals and start projects to help the vegan movement.  

You are making a difference to the animals and I really do appreciate it. A small donation that makes a big overall difference. 

Thank you so much.  Remember, all profits from clothing and all Patreon donationsgo directly and indirectly to helping animals.🌱

This helps support my work for animals.

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I can free up more time to help animals and start projects to help the vegan movement.

All donations go directly and indirectly to helping animals.🌱

Your support means so much to me!

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This helps me free up even more time for the animals.  All donations go directly and indirectly to helping animals.🌱



About Animal Equals

Welcome to my Patreon page.

Animal Equals rehabilitates and provides intensive care, first aid, physio, medical treatment, basic care and conservation of wild foxes with a view to helping them recover and back to the wild.  For those who remain permanently disabled, sanctuary is offered and rehab provided. 

All patreon goes directly towards their care and vet bills. 

Animal Equals is run by an extremely passionate vegan and general lover of all non-human living beings who simply wants to give back to the animals as much as possible so your support means the world and helps spread the message to expose the cruel industries.

One person can make a difference because remember - a single raindrop never thinks it can cause a flood, a single candle never thinks it can light up the world but it can light another candle, and another, a thousand which can each light a thousand more in a short time. By being that one raindrop or that one candle, you can light up one person who can go on to light up a thousand, until a wave of light can be seen that lights up the dark. So go and light up the world. (Corny but true). 

Becoming vegan changed my life and soon after I realised I owed it to the animals that had previously suffered and had their lives taken on my behalf to devote my time to animals and nature, raising awareness and helping animals directly and indirectly indefinitely. 

All donations are in USD; it is just how patreon is setup, I have no control over it but your donation will show on your statement in your own currency. 

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As a result of the set up of Patreon's transaction procedures, your first donation will be received immediately after your initial pledge.  Following this, on the 1st of each month, every subsequent donation will then come out. Thank you legends.

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While I already put as much time as I can, during the day and in the middle of the night reaching animals covertly and overtly, I desperately need funds to cover veterinary bills, medication, fuel money to even get to the animals or rescue and often sacrifice eating to allocate to animals instead and often do favours for food.  I have very little outgoings but use every other penny literally on the animals I have rescued and/or are rehabilitating so this amount will cover me to continue rescuing.
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