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About Jeremy Sagaribay

Hi! My name is Jeremy and I am from Asheville, North Carolina. I am a full-time animal rights activist and a full-time student, taking courses online. My work includes:

-Organizing the Asheville chapter of DxE
-Working with NC Farmed Animal Save to hold vigils at slaughterhouses
-Rescuing animals during natural disasters
-Transporting animals to sanctuaries
-Investigating farms and animal cruelty situations
-Organizing protests, disruptions, marches, and many other actions
-Tabling and leafleting
-Legislative work
-Organizing community events and trainings
-Volunteering at sanctuaries

I need your support to sustain my activism! Please consider contributing what you are able to- even one dollar a month would be very helpful! These donations will go towards travel expenses for activism and animal transport as well as outreach, rescue and investigation supplies. I'll post as often as possible about my activism and what I'm currently working on. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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