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Here's what you'll gain from your heart offering:

  • Music downloads
  • Animal coloring book pages
  • Creative art's lesson plans
  • Videos
  • Puppet antics
  • Virtual field trips
  • Behind the scenes bloopers and more!

If you stay a patron for at least four (4) months (at the $10.80 + tier and live in the USA), I'll send you an Animals Get Funky Gift Set that includes 4 autographed books and our CD.   

  • From A-Z: Animals Get Funky!
  • Plus the 26 song album, Animals Get Funky! 
  • Get Coloring Funky Animals 
  • Animals Get Emotional
  • Color Your Emotions:  Dealing with Big Feelings 


Sarahndipity Johnsen, M.Ed. 




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Are you ready for my version of Mrs. Roger’s Neighborhood? (Yes, there will be puppets!)

I’m calling together dreamers and believers to support and share in a new adventure of crafting healthy programming to enrich people’s spirits.

Let’s face it, children and screens often go hand in hand (or face in hand).

Do you wish you had better options for them to watch? Would you enjoy creative resources literally at the push of a button?

It’s hard to know how to authentically connect with our youth. Our children are falling through the cracks. Many people are struggling. My solution: playful and inspiring content.

“Television has the chance of building a real community out of an entire country. . . The space between the television screen and whoever happens to be receiving it,  I consider that very holy ground.”- Fred Rogers

Hearing Fred speak these words inspired me to heal, and serve my purpose, by sharing my compassionate heart widely. I’ve written over 200 animal-based, creative arts’ episodes, and I’m SO EXCITED to produce them with your help.

These programs feature family-friendly creative arts’ content in:
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Creative crafts
  • Folk tales
  • Fun facts
  • Puppetry
  • Virtual field trips
  • Whatever else we all dream up together

It’s wild to witness where the gluten-free cookie crumbs have already led. Since 2017, I’ve produced four children’s books, a groovy 26 song album, creative arts’ curriculum, goofy videos, and informative blog posts. Plus, I’ve danced the Unique Unicorn with hundreds of kids and families. And now . . .there are puppets! (Okay, so I’m ridiculously excited about these puppets). 

This dedication has connected me to other artists, musicians, designers, and educators while inspiring our youth to DREAM BIG!

I’m humbled by the outpouring of support, love, and funky dance moves from our community already. You inspire me to keep writing and producing. We truly are ONE funky family!

I’ve LOVED crafting and gifting this work as an act of service and devotion, and the truth is . . . receiving support is necessary for me to continue.

It’s not very easy, in today’s world, to “make a profit” from writing and selling children’s books (which are very time-consuming and expensive to publish). I still have yet to pay myself anything for these heart offerings.

The way I write, create, and share art with the world is evolving. The old paradigm of the “starving artist” is fading.

Now more and more people are honored to offer ongoing, reliable support to artists.

It’s time for me to fully accept my worth, and receive funding akin to a salary in the “real world”, if I’m going to make it, stay inspired, and continue to uplift others.

Micropayments make this super doable.

Do you value art, heart, and uplifting humanity?

$1.08 per month (or more) allows you to connect your heart to these projects and share your encouragement.

It’s easy to make a BIG IMPACT, and Patreon is a great platform for organizing our community. In a nutshell: you give Patreon your credit card # (or PayPal) and you’re charged $1.08 (or whatever you are drawn to contribute) at the beginning of every month to support the production costs associated with our funky neighborhood.

This way even patrons on a budget can connect to all of the content, and angel donor philanthropists can support at the higher levels we truly need.

What do you receive in return?

As gratitude for your support co-creating this adventure, you’ll gain access to:

  • Entertaining and educational videos
  • Creative Crafts with Sarahndipity
  • Coloring book page downloads
  • New e-books as they launch
  • Music downloads
  • Inspirational ideas
  • Puppet shows
  • Dance and theatre playshops

Kids will go to sleep at night singing songs, reading stories, and coloring pages that you helped produce. Plus, you can feel great knowing you are improving the lives of many other artists, creators, movers, and shakers.

All this while you Netflix and chill. :)

How much do you usually pay for a field trip or day camp? Geez, how much do you pay for a delicious organic salad?

Whatever your budget allows, like I often say on KAFM, every dollar counts. Most of our members donate because they want EVERYONE to be able to enjoy the top-notch programming that we provide, not for what they’ll receive in return.

When everyone pitches in what they can, EVERYBODY wins.

It has become obvious that I follow the “creative cookies” easier than the marketing or sales ones. (They give me belly aches). This platform allows me to release the ego’s need to “sell to make money”, and ground deeply into serving and acting from a place of inspired love.

If you’ve been following and enjoying my whimsy since I founded Serendipitous Entertainment, or you’ve just recently found me through my books, or you’ve been singing my lyrics from Animals Get Funky, I’m grateful to invite you to join our Patreon community and unlock all of the creative magic.

If you are already a supporter, my ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE overflows! You are helping wake this dream into a new reality.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. Together, we make a profound difference.

Thanks from the bottom of my enormous Leo heart for doing your part.  I absolutely love doing mine!  “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” – Fred Rogers

--Sarahndipity (aka Mrs. Rogers dreaming up a new neighborhood)

“Life's like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending. . .
My hope still is to leave the world a bit better than when I got here.” -Jim Henson

P.S. If you want to learn more about music, books, artists, curriculum, and Animals Get Funky events, connect with our social media sites and visit

If you’d like more information about How Patreon Works, or need help with your account, you can view lots of resources on Patreon’s support page, and contact their support team directly, at
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Once we reach our first 108 patrons, I'll host a special live stream and share a sneak peak at the book/album I'm currently writing in the Animals Get Funky series. The characters are vibrant, the illustrations are magical, and the beats are catchy.  :)  Reaching this auspicious number will resonant farther than we can imagine.  "Just keep going.  It's bigger than all of us." - Jim Henson
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