Animal Wonders is creating Education about animals and nature

$1 /mo
Talk and Vote
Access to Patron only feed and input on day to day decisions.
Vote on things like: naming a new animal, designing new merch, new toys to give the animals, and new projects to start.

$2 /mo
Thought Bubble
Each month you will receive a thought from Jessi. This can be a deeply thought thought, a impulsively thought thought, or a randomly thought thought. Topics c...

$5 /mo
Photo or Drawing of an Animal!
Once a month you'll get a digital file of a photo of an animal or a drawing of an animal drawn by Jessi. Plus all previous reward levels.

$10 /mo
Video sponsor!
A special thank you with your name in a video description once a month. Plus all previous reward levels.

$15 /mo
Official sponsor!
You will be thanked by name in the end credits of a video once a month. Plus all previous reward levels.

$20 /mo
Stuff Your Face!
Once a month you will receive a behind the scenes video of an animal eating - which, let's be honest, it's one of the best things about animals. Plus all previous reward levels.

$50 /mo
Surprise Something!
I'll share something new with you each month... but I won't know what it is until I think of it! Maybe I'll send you something in the mail, or I'll email...