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You get:
  • Still images of maps in JPG format that you can use for online platforms
  • FULL HD animated maps in mp4 format (1920x1080px) with a 1inch square grid overlay (+ gridless version)
  • My sincere gratitude!


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You get all of the Rare tier rewards and:
  • Alternative versions of maps with different objects, lighting or ambiance
  • Additional exclusive map in the beginning of every month


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You get all of the Legendary tier rewards and:
  • Even more alternative versions of maps with different objects, lighting or ambiance
  • Additional epic map once a month - impress your players!




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About Animated Dungeon Maps

1. What kind of maps you can find here

Here you can find maps of dungeons and caverns, forests and lava lands, town streets and interiors, and other locations that inspire me! To see a simple overview of all the maps that you will get as a patron, you can go to Posts (scroll all the way down and click See all posts button) and select "overview" tag.

I release 3-4 highly detailed maps each month, Legendary tier also gets one alternative version for each map, Divine tier gets additional epic maps each month, Frozen tier also gets alternative winter version of maps where possible, and 4k tier is self-explanatory. :)

2. You immediately get access to all previous rewards of the chosen tier (except exclusive maps) when you become a patron

My Patreon page is "charge upfront", so Patreon will take money from you when you sign up and then you will get access to patron-only posts and posts for the chosen tier right away (except exclusive maps that I send to patrons once a month).

3. You will be billed on the 1st day of the following month in Pacific Standard Time

I don't charge "per map" as many other map-makers do, so after you become a patron, Patreon will simply bill you a fixed amount on the 1st of each month. ($3 or $5 or $10 depending on your chosen tier). 
Patreon bills patrons in Pacific Standard Time, so if you would like to subscribe on 1st of the month, check what time it is in PST, before joining – you will be billed on the 1st of the following month, regardless of your join date.

4. How can you get exclusive maps?

I send an exclusive map in the beginning of each month to Legendary and higher tier patrons as a 'thank you' for their continuous support. If you weren't a patron at that time, you can find those maps at my DriveThruRPG page.

5. How to use these maps?

The easiest way is to lay flat your TV on top of a low table - 40” TV would be the perfect fit for the gridded versions of my maps (but there's always gridless versions for other TV sizes). You can also use a projector of course.
I prefer to protect my TV screen with a sheet of thin glass covered with matte film and I also crafted some rocky walls out of styrofoam to cover the sides of the TV, here's how I made it.

You can also use the maps on Roll20 like this - tutorial

Here you can download one of my maps to test how it works:

6. Using maps on roleplaying live streams

You can totally use my maps on streams if you mention my patreon page somewhere (

7. Other project you may like:

Advanced Animated Dungeon Maps - here I post fantasy map packs that all fit together once a month
Cybermaps - here you can find cyberpunk, sci-fi and sometimes even post-apocalyptic maps, some of them can also be used in modern settings

About me

My name is Artur and I'm a programmer and web designer and a big fan of tabletop role-playing games. Ever since I made my own digital table, I loved using animated maps, but always felt that I needed more of them.

I believe that animated maps are the future of tabletop RPGs and I love to spend all of my time making them, but this is only possible with you!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 359 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 359 exclusive posts

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