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About Bryan Jarrie

I'm basically a nearly dirt poor YouTuber trying to find meaning in life through my hobbies of video games & anime. I don't have any real income & I'm barely getting by, living off a lousy $48/month utility check (now $23 because HUD lost their minds). I finally have internet at home but the bandwidth sucks with AT&T's Access Internet for low-income customers (10Mbps). Its enough for browsing the internet, watch YT Videos & basic downloading but not very efficient for uploading to YouTube apparently (my LP vids are usually about an hour long & approximately 2-5 GB in size).

I'm plagued by PTSD & depression and seemingly unemployable in the work force (since '06) & making YT videos seems the only way for me to go. I live like a hermit in my 1 bedroom Section 8 apartment with very little positive support & barely a handful of people to help me. I refuse to resort to harassing my YT viewers with ads because ads have become a cancer to the internet & I won't support that way of making money. So all I can do is ask the YT community (including my subscribers) to help out a fellow human being in need so I can pursue some type of a future as a YT content creator & hopefully find some meaning in my existance. 
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With at least $70/month, I can give AT&T's shitty Access Internet program (10Mbps) the finger & upgrade to Comcast's Performance Plus package (150Mbps). At 10Mbps right now, its difficult to even upload my usual LP videos to YT because they not only take a few hours to upload but they heavily constrict bandwidth to the point where I can't do anything in my browser.

This means I could make videos and upload them more frequently & be more diverse in my content as well.
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