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About Anime-Fall

Hey Soldiers! Anime-Fall was founded in July of 2017. Yes very recently! I've always wanted to create the biggest friendly community ever found on the internet catered toward Anime and Manga fans. We're working very hard to introduce features that many will love. Thank you so much for supporting this work and for being a part of the adventure!

What‘s so great about Anime-Fall? is a rewrite from ground up. We've started to redesign the main homepage, by creating a simple design. To keep it simple, we wanted to turn a simple idea into something unique. When we think about the word "Simple", we defined it as "Unique" - interpreting it in a way that is complex in term of options yet offering a deep experience, presented in a simple manner to satisfy and enhance members' experience. Take a look:

Profile Settings
Ten years ago, I had a vision to create the best anime website out there. Many websites out there were focusing on anime and manga listing or streaming, I wanted to focus on the social aspect. But with any startup project, it requires time, finance, and a strong community support. I started with building the most unique anime forum out there, from its unique design to its unique and enhanced forum features and I am proud to say, what a journey.

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better - Maya Angelou"

Lets take a quick tour at your profile features and settings.

1. Info Tab: You can upload a background image that makes your profile looks distinct and unique when you visit your customization setting. Currently the only format is jpeg format, however, later i will support png as well.

2. Photo Tab: When you share pictures through your wall page or your feed page, they get automatically added to your photo tab. You can later use the tagging feature and tag your friends within your photos.

3. Wall Tab: You can review conversations and reply to your friends or new members through your wall. We are going to enhance this page later by adding more features and auto on scroll.

4. Review Tab: You can review a list of your anime and manga reviews and remember, good popular reviews appear on the homepage as well during random times.

5. Blog Tab: We know that anime and manga fans love to blog, wehther they write a mini article about an anime or manga, or an episode review. We've had this feature designed just for you.

Privacy and Control Settings
You can visit your privacy settings here. When we created this page, we wanted to create it using a simple design yet with rewarding settings. We will most likely enhance this page by adding more features as we move forward with redesigning the global feed page.

The Global Feed
Currently, you can see the global feed if you click on the "Discover" tab on the homepage. We are currently working on redesigning this page at the moment, and the page will be renamed to "Explore". We will have many more new features such as you will see members who add anime or manga to their list, you will see other members following others and many more features.

I'd really like to expand the idea into more integrated system which connects anime and manga fans. The ideas are in plan but finances are dry and challenged are occurring on daily basis. It takes two hand to clap, hence this patreon was created for this purpose.  Time and money is always a challenge, server maintenance is also a challenge every month. Hence, all your help and support is appreciated.

No matter the amount you decide to pledge, every dollar will go back into development, server costs, and more content. Even if you're not able to become a patron, thank you for being a fan of this great website - You're the reason I love what I do! I wouldn't be where I am today without you, so regardless of whether or not you decide to support me here on Patreon -- Thank you!
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This is the bare minimum that allows me to support Anime-Fall in order to survive - from paying server fees, to management, to ordering equipment upgrades.
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