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About Anime Feminist

Anime Feminist explores Japanese pop culture through a feminist lens. This includes interviewsroundtable discussions, and visual analysis, broaching topics like gendersexuality and representation. We have regular discussion postslinks round-upsfeatures and podcasts. We review new anime premieres every season, making sure to highlight any potential dealbreakers we can see for a feminist audience.

We are taking steps to build up a community which prioritizes marginalized voices both in our post content and our comments sections. We interact with our community on Twitter and Facebook, and have our own private Discord community for patrons who support us at $5 and above. We have also begun attending conventions under the AniFem banner in order to conduct interviews, present panels and host meet-ups. 

Where did AniFem come from?

AniFem was founded by a group of writers from anime and manga fandom, industry and academia, partly in response to the backlash feminist articles on anime had received on other websites. The more positive responses suggested that a space for feminist analysis of anime, manga and other Japanese pop culture was long overdue.

We launched on 11th October 2016 with no community, name recognition or reputation, and raised $750 in pledges in just two months, so it seems those commenters were right! A year later we'd settled into a solid foundation with a smaller, stronger team working hard to cultivate regular, varied content representing a range of perspectives. 

Where does the Patreon money go? 

Our highest priority is to pay people fairly for their time, energy, and expertise. We have said from the start that our aim was to offer fair pay to every single person who works for AniFem, and in under 2.5 months we exceeded the $800 in pledges which allowed us to pay all contributing writers from 1st January 2017.

We have gradually increased the number of people who are paid, including staff writers, editors and administrators - we continue to be proud that we have made this our priority, but we need much more income to be able to cover costs like hosting, design work, in-person events, and so on. AniFem could be much more than just a blog - if we can fund it. 

Why Patreon? 

No funding source is completely uncomplicated, but crowdfunding is the closest you can get to it. Being paid only by those who appreciate our content means we can tailor our content and its promotion to what our readers want, not what is most likely to drive traffic to our site or lead to clicks away from it. It also makes it easier to avoid conflicts of interest and retain a completely independent, critical voice. 

This is a slower route to financial sustainability, but we firmly believe this is the right path for our feminist organization. Our patrons constantly delight and surprise us with their generosity and goodwill, and we never lose sight of our gratitude towards them.

Why support AniFem?

“I value paying people fairly for their time, energy and expertise.”
You see how poorly writers and artists are treated and paid, and want to support projects like AniFem which has built paying all staff fairly into the business model. 'Exposure' doesn't pay rent, and feminist exposure can come with a particularly high price.

“I’d watch more anime if I didn’t have to sift through all 40+ premieres to figure out whether the protagonist falls face-first into a girl’s breasts.”
You want anime reviews to reliably warn you when a show contains sexual assault, fanservice, homophobia etc., and also when it contains potentially great representations of women, queer or non-binary characters in particular. You want full series reviews to give you a heads up about problematic elements so you can choose for yourself whether it’s worth your time.

“I loved this post, but really wish they write in-depth about the feminist points they raise.”
You want established anime writers to regularly produce quality features from a feminist angle, and understand that busy people can’t justify the extra time unless we pay them. Alternatively, you are an established writer who would love to be paid to write about feminist topics which may not be possible on your other writing outlets.

“I wish I could read about what a person from that community feels about their representation in this anime.”
You want more marginalized people to have the support to talk publicly about anime from their perspective as a lesbian/person of color/neurodivergent person, etc. Alternatively, you are a marginalized person who wants to write about anime through your lens and want to be appropriately compensated for it.

“I see the abuse writers get when they criticise anime from a feminist perspective, and I’m appalled.”
You understand that any publication on a site with ‘feminist’ in the title will have an amount of backlash to deal with and want us to be able to pay our writers well to offset the impact of this.

“I hate clickbait titles, paywalls and pages full of ads.”
You accept that a website will always be held accountable to whoever pays its bills, and you want Anime Feminist to be able to direct its content, editorial direction and layout according to what its readers want, not what will artificially drive most traffic to each page.

“I wish I could see…”

  • a feminist discussion forum on anime and manga
  • video interviews with women, queer and POC creators
  • profiles of academics and their work on Japanese pop culture
  • translations of articles from Japan
  • podcasts about anime, manga, and feminism with guests from industry
  • convention panels with feminist panellists
  • [exciting project no-one has even thought of yet] - imagination and funding are our only limits!

Nobody else does what we do, and all we want are the resources to do it better. Every single dollar brings us closer to the ambitions above. We've come an enormously long way in such a short space of time, but there's so much more we can accomplish.

Please pledge as little as $1 a month and see what we can achieve with your support! 
$2,220 - reached! per month
BREAK EVEN Monthly Costs:
30 x premiere reviews each season, $20 per review
3 x contributors each week (~12/month), $50 per post
1 x contributors each week (~4/month), $15 per shorter post
4 x hours of editing each week (~16/month), $15/hour
5 x hours of admin each week (~20/month), $15/hour
2 x hours of podcast editing per podcast (2-3/month), $15/hour
2-3 x transcribed podcasts (2-3/month)), $80/transcript
$250-ish (depending on UK-US exchange rates) monthly running costs, covering everything from accounting costs to hosting to a virtual address
+ 10% to cover 5% payment and 5% Patreon fees
+ <$50 round up to $2500 and give us a small financial buffer for ad hoc costs and long months that include additional weeks/articles
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