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The upkeep of the servers tend to be very expensive and ads alone don't usually help to cover the costs due to ad-blocking. Donating will give you special features pertaining to your viewing experience and special roles in Discord.

I try to make paying for the servers as low as possible, so here is a small comprehensive list of the overall price of each of the servers:

Web Server:
$160/m | Intel Xeon E3-1270v2 | 32 GB Ram | 128 GB SSD + 4 TB HDD

Encoding Server: 
$30/m | Intel i7-4770 | 32 GB Ram | 1TB HDD

If we can get more of these, I can set up a more comprehensive queue system where I don't have to offset so many videos onto one server that way encoding can be faster. Currently the system handles queuing 3 encodes. 2 for currently airing and 1 for finished. This is currently optimal for this 1 server.

If there isn't 3 encodes being done parallel then 2 episodes would take about 24 mins each (about the length of a normal running episode). If there is a 3rd encode then it can range from 30-35 mins. That's how drastic each encode can affect each other.

Video Server (Price increases with every GB relative for object storage):
26.49/m per TB | We're probably hitting about the 8th or 9th TB atm

Note: Look up object storage if you don't know what it is.
25% complete
Amount: $30

This will help pay for the first encoding server that manages the currently airing episodes and finished anime in a queue.
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