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About Anime Herald

What Is Anime Herald?

Before the rise of the internet, and before we all held computers in the palms of our hands, the anime fandom found unity in the fanzine. These plucky publications sought to elevate the voices of the community and share impressions on the newest shows to hit the air.

Anime Herald aims to be a digital fanzine for the 21st century, exploring the world of Japanese pop culture and the global anime fandom through both a critical and an enthusiast's lens, with topics that cover all aspects of the greater fandom. Our offerings include editorials, interviews, reviews, investigative news articles, features, and convention coverage, in addition to our Herald Anime Club roundtable discussion series.

We're currently working to build a community on Twitter and Instagram, and we host a private Discord community for patrons who pledge $5 or more per month.

Our History

Samantha Ferreira launched Anime Herald in 2010. Samantha, a veteran of the anime reporting scene at the time, was looking to establish a community, in which new ideas could flourish, and concepts that the mainstream press had overlooked could be explored.

Over the years, we grew, following the traditional ad-based model. However, we never felt right about this model. We always felt that our readers should be our biggest focus, and that they should expect more from the typical anime site.

In 2017, we embraced this mentality. In an article on New Year’s Eve, Samantha announced that Anime Herald would go 100% ad-free, with all of our revenues coming from our patrons.

Where Does Your Money Go?

When Anime Herald moved to Patreon, we made it clear that our biggest priority was to pay our writers a fair rate for their expertise, effort, and time. We’re proud to say that we have upheld this pledge for our contributor articles, though many of our payments have come out-of-pocket from Samantha.

Our current goal is to be able to pay a fair rate to all of our contributors. Once we can achieve this, we’ll be able to increase the number of people who get paid, from our team’s writers, to our editors, to our administrator. From there, we hope to be able to pay for our That’s to say nothing of hosting, design work, and other services.

Why Anime Herald?

At the end of the day, we feel that you deserve better than the status quo.

You deserve a place that isn't bombarded with banner ads and skins, where you don't have to have ad blockers running to just enjoy the latest articles of the day.

You should be able to rest easy, knowing that your dollars go directly toward paying fair wages to writers in the field.

You should be able to trust us as an independent voice who works in your interest.

And, most of all, you should never have to worry about paywalls or clickbait headlines.

We’re prepared to be all of this and more, but we need the funding to do so. Every single dollar we raise goes toward making these goals a reality.

For as little as $1 a month, we can do amazing things… please put your faith in us and see what we can do!

Patron Benefits

While Anime Herald will always be free to read, we do appreciate our Patrons’ contributions and will honor them in kind. Outside of exceptional cases, all articles we publish will receive a patreon exclusive period of two weeks.

Patrons at the $5 level will receive access to the Anime Herald Discord, as well as a vote in which shows our Herald Anime Club discusses each season, as well as select other topics when they arise. 
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