is creating Traditional and Digtal Anime Style Drawings
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About AnimEijirou

Hi! I'm AnimEijirou, a rookie artist😀
I accept any requests from anyone even if they're not my patreon but I will just draw until the bust (1 person), it will have a simple coloring, a white background plus my watermark and 1 person can request 1 drawing. (these are terms if you're not my patreon)
I draw✅ : humans, ships, chibis, animals, mythical things (Dragon, Phoenix, Nymph, Elf, Undine...etc), Ocs, Furries
I won't draw❌ : NSFW (porn, gore), mecha (but I can draw if its just some parts), realism, things that shows hate to others, different style than my own

Even if you're not my patreon, thanks for following me on Instagram or Youtube!😊💕💕
And if you're not following any of those and you're here thanks for checking my page at least😗