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It's on like neckbone! This is basically the tier where you like, want to show support but don't have that Hollywood money.

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Don't turn your back on the um, Political Action Committee? You might end up in a bodybaggity? We didn't think this name through, but we'll totally, we haven't thought of tier rewards or goals yet so maybe we'll read your name on the show...? Seems legit.

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DA BOMB! The only reason you'd give at this tier is to know that you're better than everybody else in the tiers below, as defined purely by class strata. If we were of the same low moral fiber as our elected representatives, donors at this tier would potentially have more influence on us as far as us reviewing suggested titles of their choosing in future episodes. Maybe we are, or maybe we're not!




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The Anime World Order podcast is (close as we can tell) the longest-running Japanese animation/comics-focused audio podcast in existence. It began in 2005--or 2006, depending on how you want to count RSS feed items--and is run by three holier-than-thou know-it-alls that are…anything but. We have been involved in anime fandom since the 1990s. We frequent anime conventions, generally on the East Coast of the United States, and put on a variety of entertaining and informative panels while doing so. Each week…er…month…ish, we review Japanese cartoons and/or comics. None of us knows how to shut up.

In addition to podcasting, we contribute articles to both the print and web edition of Otaku USA Magazine. In 2009, we were the winner of the Parsec Award for Best Anime Podcast.
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We are so confident that everybody who was going to back our Patreon has already done so that if we reach this goal (which since it's double where we are now, should take years since the donor count has surely plateaued), WE WILL REVIEW GUNDAM NARRATIVE. And we'll get Mike Toole on to make him watch it again. He really, really hated it!
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