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About ANI

Hello fellow live-loopers and fans!

I'm just getting this started, so please don't mind the changes happening around here.

I have this music project and I would love to have your support: I make music on iPads, 100% improvised, in real-time. The technique is called "live looping". You hit Record on your music device and play a few bars, then when you hit stop the device keeps playing that just-created loop. But it gets better: you keep adding more loops and within seconds you have a real song!

My secret trick: do that continuously for like an hour so it sounds like a live DJ set. But make no mistake: I am not a DJ.

So how can I use your support? Well, I have some ongoing needs:

  • New equipment: I'm still looking for a wireless keyboard that will let me have more freedom. I occasionally get some video gear too.
  • Custom-built speakers: I would love to build a backpack speaker array so I can walk around while playing music. Also it would be used for busking.
  • Flyers and cards: promo material to hand out.
  • Travel expenses: as I hop around to different festivals, airfare gets pretty expensive.
More info to come! Thanks!