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my name is Anita and I am creating educational content about Bitcoin & Open Blockchains. I am hosting the Bitcoin & Co. Mastering Freedom Podcast doing interviews with the most brilliant minds in Bitcoin and people like you and me. Learn how to empower yourself and your community with Bitcoin, the people's money. Listen to stories uncovering the driving forces behind this technological and monetary revolution that is changing the world. Bitcoin is freedom money, it represents truth in numbers.

Anita Posch takes a look at Bitcoin from different angles with a focus on financial inclusion, human rights, privacy, self-sovereignty, solopreneurship, small business, independence, learning, mental and physical health and feminism.

Beyond the interviews you can listen to "The Context" with short Bitcoin 101 episodes, where you can learn about how to invest, use and get paid in bitcoin as well as stories from the past and the present.

I have hosted the best minds in Bitcoin on my podcast:
  • Andreas M. Antonopoulos (World renowned Bitcoin educator, author and speaker)
  • Adam Back (CEO Blockstream and cited in the Bitcoin and Tor whitepaper)
  • Tuur Demeester
  • Jameson Lopp (CTO Casa)
  • Alena Vranova (Former TREZOR and CASA)
  • Caitlin Long (Founder/CEO AvantiBT, Wyoming Blockchain Committee)
  • Dan Held (Growth Kraken)
  • Elena Tonoyan (COO LocalBitcoins)
  • Ray Youssef (CEO and Founder of Paxful)
  • and many more...

By contributing to my work, you are supporting the production of thought-provoking, educational content around the ground-breaking invention of Bitcoin. Patrons can expect bonus content, including overtime & ad-free episodes, show transcripts and resources, and early access to new episodes.

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