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About Anita Wing Lee

Hello beautiful! Welcome to my Patreon haven!

I'm Anita Wing Lee, a filmmaker, writer, artist and visionary creator. I started on this journey of creating what feels most true to my heart quite a few years ago, and it's transformed my whole world. I create ultimately to inspire, empower and express the beauty of this life. My deepest prayer and intention for my work is that it would fill you with confidence, hope, wonder and a profound belief in Life's infinite miracles.

It's by learning from honest journeys of others that I found the courage forge my own path, so I love being able to let you and my community in: behind the scenes, how-to's, honest stories, resources and encouragement for your own journey. That's why I'm here on Patreon. It's a way for me to let you in, to give you more and to grow with you.

2018 brings a new evolution. It's a huge undertaking and I'm excited to share this journey with you: I'm making music!

You might already know me from my photography, writing, Youtube episodes, livestreams or my book ... so why am I making music?! 

It became clear to me a few months ago: music will be the most potent way that I can make something uplifting and freeing - for my soul and for the world.

I'll still be making new Youtube episodes occasionally in 2018, but most of my creative energy will be going into music this year.



Patreon is a "platforms for fans to support their favourite creators on an ongoing basis."
But my purpose for being here runs even deeper. This Patreon is our haven. It's where I can release previews of my work and intimate insights from my creative process that are not ready for the surface of the Internet, to cheer you along as we both journey to our fullest creative expression. 

My Patreon is an intentional place for us to be in camaraderie as we both cultivate our gifts and grow. This isn't just about supporting "my work".  This space is my sangha, my fellowship, my seva, my tribe of fellow travelers on this journey of Life. 

Throughout 2018, patrons will receive downloadable mp3s, exclusive tutorials, previews of all my major projects (films, music, episodes, etc.) weeks or even months before things go live elsewhere.

Plus, I deeply enjoy writing for my patrons (it's like writing a group of best friends!), so patrons always get a special behind-the-scenes look into how things come together.

If you're a fan of my work, I'm positive you'll find a home for your soul with us. 

Join anytime and receive instant access to all of my previous (and new) resources! 


  • Video tutorials, podcast downloads, webcasts, resources and trainings
  • A personal and rare look into my ongoing creative process.
  • Private community of like-minded souls who walk this path with us.
  • Early access & in-depth reveal of all my major projects.
  • AND in 2018, downloadable mp3s of my covers & original music 
  • a high-resolution PDF digital download of "Home Is Oceans Here" - a thank you gift for all patrons.
  • New resources added every month!


What I love most about Patreon is that you can join for $1 or $10, whatever amount feels most right to you at this time!

Since I make a consistent stream of content on multiple platforms, my Patreon is set up so that patrons support "per thing." This means that each time I release a new complete piece of work (ie. a Youtube episode, a new song, book, online course, etc.), patreons help to fund it's creation. As a thank you, you get the completed piece for free (or for special patron-only pricing), and all of the gifts mentions above.

I currently create 1 or 2 "things" a month.  I communicate a lot with my patrons so you'll know exactly what's coming.   I rarely come out with more than 2 things, but just in case I hit a creative waterfall, Patreon also gives you the option to “Set a Monthly Max” so that you’ll never go over your budget. (Here's a help post that shows you how to do this.)  

No matter what amount, I receive all the love you guys give me with gratitude. Thank you. None of this work would be the same without you. 

Everything I receive goes back into creating better and more high quality works - with greater depth, artistry, boldness and wisdom.

I look forward to getting to know you and guide you as we both grow!



At the end of the day, the people who inspire me most are people like Mother Teresa, Oprah and Gandhi. They stand for something so much bigger. They lived life with a wide open heart and their love for humanity was so big that it stirred the world. This is where we are going. I am always guided by my sense of integrity, purpose and desire to bring Love alive. 

  • Co-create a "Home for Humanity" (where YOU can come to live for months at a time to work, heal and recreate your life. Think a sanctuary for digital nomads, seekers, creators, entrepreneurs and healers.)
  • Sail the world (and make a documentary about it.)
  • Create an episodic TV show/film "saga" 
  • Make a music album (or two or three.)
  • Write & publish a book (cuz all those stories!) UPDATE: COMPLETED in 2017 with the publication of "Home Is Oceans Here: A Journey"!
  • Do more humanitarian work around the world (refugee camps, poverty, LGBT, human rights.)

Everyday I am grateful that we get to do this together. I love you and am deeply grateful for your presence here - more than words could convey. Really. Thank you for being one who understands and sees the heart of this work.  

If you have any questions about how this Patreon works, just feel free to email me at [email protected] or comment here on the patron stream once you sign up.

Infinite Love,

Anita xx


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This space is our Haven, to grow and to share this incredible creative journey together. Thank you for believing in this work and being part of it all with me. Together, we can shine brighter and brighter. xx  
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